New Antiphonale Romanum (Ordinary Form, Latin)
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    Some of you know I've been working on an Antiphonale Romanum project for a couple of years now collecting all of the GABC for the antiphons listed in the Ordo Cantus Officii MMXV (2015) published by the Vatican. To date I have almost all of the 2738 antiphons, over 200 responsories and hymns, etc. I also have a publisher who has agreed to layout the volumes and print them (barring any copyright issues from Solesmes and the approbation of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments).

    I have been combing through the GABC and the draft volumes I have put together over the last four years and have produced a survey with several questions for those interested in the publication to guide the editing/publication process. If you do not have an answer to a particular question, feel free to leave it blank. I only ask that you include your email so I can direct any questions stemming from your answers.
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    Thank you Joseph for all your hard work.on this.
  • I was in Rome last week, and picked up a copy of OCO 2015. I also own two sets of Les Heures Grégoriennes. I had always wondered where LHG got some of its antiphons. They were not in any of the sources I owned. So I spent a few hours today going through the ferial Office, and to my astonishment discovered that LHG follows OCO 2015 faithfully at least for the daily Office, with one exception: for Ps. 109 of Sunday II Vespers the antiphon Dixit Dominus is repeated every Sunday, whereas OCO and ARII have a different antiphon specified for each Sunday.

    I can't speak about the melodies; I have no idea about the manuscripts used for the antiphons. And I haven't looked at the other antiphons (propers of the seasons, saints) but for my purposes LHG works very well, especially since my mother tongue is French.

    To me an Office book should be made to be as usable as possible. I use LHG on a daily basis, so I will answer in that light. Also, if perchance one is singing with another community, I think some uniformity is useful. Lastly, too many options will weigh down the books. A simple practical consideration. LHG is right on the limit of what is comfortable holding in choir! But I do like the layout. Everything available in one book and the Ferial Office in OT all in one place.

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    I'd dearly like to know what's become of this project.