St. Martin Hymns for Martinmas procession?
  • My parish is celebrating the Feast of St. Martin of Tours tomorrow with sung Vespers, followed by a lantern procession with Rosary and singing. I need to come up with two or three songs for the procession. Does anyone know any hymns for the feast of St. Martin? Google has been incredibly unhelpful...all of the songs I've found have been secular songs for "lantern processions" that don't really have anything to do with St. Martin.
  • Cantus Selecti (1957) has four chants in honor of St. Martin starting p. 219*, HERE. Also, an alternate tone for one of them is in the back of the book.
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  • Kathy
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    The great hymn for confessors, Iste confessor, was originally written in honor of St. Martin, and would be most appropriate.
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    You may well find it too short to be of practical use, but I have a great favorite, Rabimmel, Rabammel, Rabumm.

    Is the request for congregational hymns in English, or would motets such as may be found at CPDL be sung by the choir at stations?
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  • We're singing "Iste Confessor" as the hymn during Vespers (as prescribed in the Liber Usualis); for the procession, the organizers of the event would like English hymns (so more people will be likely to follow along, especially since the full choir can't make it that night). Unfortunately I won't have enough of a crew to do motets.
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    St Martin doesn't get a lot of attention here in the States, but Fr. Samuel Weber's book of Office hymns, Hymnal for the Hours, has three hymns for him.

    I'm having trouble uploading them to the forum at the moment, so here they are on my web server:


    463 and 465 seem to be two English texts based on the same original; 465 is rather awkward, I think.
  • Perhaps there are some hymns you already know, about characteristics associated with Martin, eg confessor, friend of children, patron of the poor, winemaker, completing preparations for winter - thanksgiving?

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    The tune ROUEN is an excellent tune for Iste Confessor. It's in The Hymnal 1940 as the second tune for "Only begotten Word of God eternal" (228).
  • Chonak, that's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for...thank you! And thank you to everyone for your suggestions! :)