Sacred music is possible in every church in America
  • Hi all,

    First, thank you to CMAA and the generous members of this forum. A few years ago, I was charged with fully implementing the teachings of the church on sacred music at a parish in Indiana. I gained access to such a remarkable wealth of resources because of CMAA and this forum. THANK YOU! I accomplished things so much faster because of this.

    I want to share with you a project that I just completed. We're a very small parish with a very small budget, but we were ambitious and believed in the power of sacred music. We wanted to make proof-of-concept project for the following idea: beautiful sacred music is possible everywhere, at every parish in America.

    Here it is:

    In brief, it tells our story (ruined church building, ruined local economy, small budget, small congregation) and our message (we made sacred music happen, and if a small church like ours can do it, anyone can!).

    We hope that this project is something that people can point to when someone says, "We can't do that here" or "It's too expensive to hire good musicians" or "It's too hard" etc.

    Lastly, if anyone would like to publicize this on their blog, Twitter, Chant Cafe, or send to a friend who writes for a Catholic publication, etc. ... please do!!

    Thanks for your time, your help, and your generosity!
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    I am curious who exactly we hear on this (very fine) recording? It does not sound like a gathering of small-town volunteers, but like an octet of hired pros or something thereabouts. Thus I am confused whether the message is "you too can have this if you can convince your priest to spend just $25,000/year to pay 8 singers $75/call", or what?
  • Indeed it can. I had posted a couple weeks ago how I was going to Georgia for a wedding and looking for mass suggestions. I was directed to Our Lady of the Mountains. Here is a link to their story.

    Well I did attend mass there. I can attest that the Congregation chants - the liturgy is sung!
  • @toddevoss Wow! Thank you for that link! What a wonderful resource, for the church to share their path and the lessons they've learned along the way. I read basically their entire website last me lots of hope. :)
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  • sergeantedward, can you share some details of HOW you achieved this?

    The talk of excellence reminds me of many discussions I've read on the Church Sound Check mailing list (ref: - and what most of them do would be absolute anathema to most posters. here.
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  • @PaxMelodious
    I would absolutely love to. This Spring I am giving some lectures on precisely that. I will compile that into something user friendly and post. I think that the album project needs a follow-up "HOW TO" that real world, boots on the ground pastors can use.... So stay tuned!
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