COM. Beati mundo / Dichosos los limpios
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    Here's what I'm planning to sing tonight; suggestions still welcome! The code is of course GABC.

    name: ;
    user-notes: Todos los Santos;
    commentary: Beati mundo corde (Mt 5:8-10);
    annotation: i. com.;
    centering-scheme: latin;
    %fontsize: 12;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 4.5;
    %height: 11;

    Di(h)cho(h)sos(hg) los(h) lim(hj)pios(ji) de(h) co(hi)ra(h)zón,(h.) (;) por(hGE)que(fgh) ve(fe)rán(defED) a(e) Dios.(e.d.) (:)
    Di(df)cho(fef)sos(dewf) los(f) que(f) tra(fd)ba(fh)jan(gf) por(fg) la(h) paz,(h.g.) (;) por(gh)que(gf) se(f) les(gh) lla(h)ma(h)rá(j) hi(h)jos(hg) de(fghGF) Dios.(g.f.) (:)
    Di(fhj)cho(jkl)sos(k_j) (,) los(j) per(j)se(h)gui(j)dos(g) por(h) la(j) cau(j.hiwj)sa(i) de(i) la(g) ju(hggf)sti(gh)ti(fghGF)a,(g.f.) (:) por(h)que(hgh) de_ell(f)os(gfgFE) es(dfddc.) (,) el(f) Rei(f.egwhgh)no(gh) de(fe) los(d) cie(defEDe)los.(e.d.) (::)
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    I seem to have forgotten something about uploading pdf's. Here it is renamed, without spaces and without accents.
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