Bilingual All Saints Salmo
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    Too late for any of you to use this year (I hope) but proofreading/comments welcome.
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    Here's the code:
    name: All Saints;
    user-notes: Salmo 24 ;
    commentary: Psalm 24 ;
    annotation: vii;
    centering-scheme: latin;
    %fontsize: 12;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 4.5;
    %height: 11;
    (c3)Hæc(ef) est(e) ge(h)ne(g)ra(h)ti(i)o(i) (,) quæ(i)ren(i)ti(h)um(i) fa(f)ci(h)em(g) De(f.)i.(e.) (::z)
    The(ehg) Lord's(hi) is(ir) the() earth() and its fullness,() the world,() and() those(ik) who(j) dwell(j) in(ji) it.(i.j.) (:)
    It(ig) is(hi) He(ir) who set it() on the seas;() on the() ri(ijwk)vers(i) He(h) made(h) it(h) firm.(f.e.) (::)

    ¿Quién(hg) su(hi)bi(ir)rá hasta el monte del Señor?()
    ¿Quién podrá estar en() su(ik) re(j)cin(j)to(i) san(i.)to?(j.) (:)
    El(ir) de corazón limpio y manos puras
    y que no() ju(ijwk)ra(i) en(h) fal(f.)so.(e.) (::)

    He(hg) shall(hi) re(ir)ceive a blessing from the LORD,()
    a reward from() God(ikj) his(ji) sav(i.)ior.(j.) (:)
    Such(ir) is the race that seeks him,()
    that seeks the face of the() God(ijwki) of(h) Ja(f.)cob.(e.) (::)
  • Actually, trilingual!
  • Richard,

    For what purpose did you set the psalm in three languages?
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    One can either approach Holy Days as a time to get people through their obligations efficiently or as an opportunity for congregations that normally attend different Masses to sing together. We choose to have Latin sung ordinary with lessons & homily proclaimed in the two vernaculars, and the Responsorial is a miniature of that model. It also makes it easier for me to adapt a Gregorian melody for the purpose.
  • Richard,

    I applaud the idea of getting people who normally attend Masses at divergent times to sing together, and to be certain I disagree with the basic premise of "efficient" Mass as you seem to describe it, but surely the use of Latin alone would accomplish the purpose better than trilingual psalmody?
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    I get that some can't reconcile themselves to the OF. The head-scratching part is that these discussions always seem to start up in "Music for Hispanic Ministry" threads.