Requiem antiphons in Sunday OF Mass?
  • Claire H
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    If a Memorial Mass for All Souls is being celebrated on a Sunday afternoon (in this case, OT 31), and the readings and Psalm are for the day, is it legitimate to use the Funeral/Requiem antiphons since it is a Memorial Mass?
  • cmb
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    Unless I'm missing something, the way I read the GIRM, a Mass for the Dead is not permitted on a Sunday in OT unless it is a funeral or "on receiving the news of a death, for the final burial, or the first anniversary."

    Of course, the priest's intention for the Mass can be for all the faithful departed, but I believe the Mass needs to be the 31st Sunday in OT. I suppose you can make a case for using the antiphons under the "alius cantus aptus" provision.
  • Because All Souls' Day falls on a Saturday this year, you either celebrate in the evening the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, or the anticipated Mass of the Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time, each with their respective Mass formularies.

    When All Souls' Day falls on a Sunday: "even when November 2 falls on a Sunday, the Mass celebrated is that of the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed" (The Roman Missal, p. 982)

    The "alius cantus aptus" provision has been a "alius cantus congruus" provision since 2002. The other chants should be concordant and agreeing, not just apt.
  • Smvanroode,

    Am I reading this correctly that aptus and congruus are two kinds of fitting, like dignum and justum?
  • PLTT
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    cmb, a funeral Mass is allowed on an OT Sunday but no other form of the Mass of the Dead. This is because the Funeral Mass is considered an integral part of the funeral rites but not the other Masses of the Dead.
  • cmb
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    @PLTT I read GIRM 381 to allow a Mass for the Dead "on receiving the news of a death, for the final burial, or the first anniversary," on any day that a funeral is allowed, except for Ash Wednesday or weekdays of Holy Week. But, I can also see how that could also be read to just apply to weekdays. I could also see how 380 could be read to not even allow a funeral Mass on a Sunday, if you consider that all Sundays are "Solemnities that are Holydays of Obligation."

    If there's a Latin scholar who could enlighten us on what the original says, that would be helpful!
  • chonakchonak
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    From the 2002 Missale Romanum:
    381. Missa defunctorum post acceptum mortis nuntium, vel in ultima sepultura
    defuncti, vel in primo anniversario die, celebrari potest etiam diebus infra
    octavam Nativitatis, diebus quibus occurrit memoria obligatoria aut feria quæ
    non sit IV Cinerum aut Hebdomadæ sanctæ.
    Aliæ Missæ defunctorum, seu Missæ “ cotidianæ ” celebrari possunt in feriis
    per annum, in quibus occurrunt memoriæ ad libitum vel fit Officium de feria,
    dummodo pro defunctis revera applicentur.