Ordinary Tones for Rorate?
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    I am planning a Rorate mass for this Advent. I am putting together a booklet for the choir singing at it. They have never sung at an Extraordinary Form mass, and I want to make everything as specific, simple, and faithful to the rubrics as possible.

    I know there are different tones (believe they are festal, solemn, and most solemn) for the dialogues between the priest and choir. (E.g. anything that begins Dominus Vobiscum, the Preface dialogue, the Pax Domini dialogue, etc.)

    Are there strict rules as to which versions should be sung on which ranks? I’ve noticed my FSSP parish does a different tone during Lent. I’ve never really heard many different tones besides that, as we always use I believe what is the solemn tone at your typical Sunday high mass. But I know they exist. If there are strict rubrics, could someone point me where to find all the music for a 4th class commemoration of the Blessed Virgin in Advent?

    Also, the “Pater Noster/sed libera, etc” only has one version/method of singing it, right?
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    This may help you with the booklet, http://bbloomf.github.io/jgabc/propers.html
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  • Your best bet is to speak to the priest and ask which tone he plans on using. We’ve had visiting priests just start using some uncommon preface tone without the choir knowing and having to adjust.