Puer Natus and Jesu Nostra Refectio
  • If anyone already has good English settings of the Gregorian chant for these that I could use in the classroom, I'd be most grateful. Otherwise I'll make some up...
  • Catherine,

    You're thinking of the Introit for Christmas, rather than the hymn, probably?
  • No, sorry, the hymn actually. It's nice and simple for beginners...
  • Catherine,

    All I have on offer is a 3-part, Latin, setting of the hymn, composed as a Christmas present for my son.
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  • Here is an attempt at English for Jesu Nostra Refectio, without changing the melody (except where noted). Or to say, attempting to keep the same syllable count and rhythmic structure as the Latin.

    Jesu nostra refection
    Panis potus fidelium
    Mel, melos jubilatio
    Cordis, oris et aurium

    JE-sus O-ur NOURishment (one repeating note dropped)
    of the faithful, Bread and drink (one repeating note dropped)
    Jubilation of our hearts
    Sweet taste and song for mouth and ear.

    Quae te vicit clementia
    Ut nos in hac miseria
    Carne cibares propria
    Imis jungens caelestia.

    How clemency did conquer Thee
    that in bitter misery
    We are fed by Thy own Flesh
    uniting low to heavenly.

    The first lines were awkward. Help welcome!
  • chonakchonak
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    Jesus, food to the faithful heart,
    bread and drink to those who believe,
    sweetness, honey and song thou art,
    joy that ear and mouth can receive.

    Thine own mercy hath conquered thee,
    That for us in our poverty
    Very flesh our supper may be
    Joining lowly to heavenly.

    --RC, draft (c) 2019
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  • That's amazing, Mr Chonak!!
  • CGM
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    Here's a translation (in a different meter) from this blog.

    Jesus, the Meat and Drink indeed
    That bids Thine own rejoice,
    Sweetness and mirth and melody
    Of heart and soul and voice;
    What mercy bends Thee, Lord, to feed
    Man in his misery
    With Thine own flesh, the Bread of Heaven,
    Brought near to such as we?

    Our ransomer and Ransom Thou,
    Our Banquet, too, Thou art;
    Thou who dost heal our soul’s disease,
    Joy be Thou of our heart.
    Thou Who dost give us here foretaste,
    So sweet, of joys to be,
    Give us in our dear Fatherland
    Fruition full of Thee.
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