Text for Tract for Funerals - Spanish
  • As I've been going through the process of adapting Spanish texts to chant melodies, I occasionally run into a problem with finding an approved text for a chant -- as in this case.

    For Funerals during Lent, we need a text for the Tract. I tried using a translator from Latin to Spanish, but didn't think it worked very well. Below is the translation I got from the English translation of the text in the Gregorian Missal:

    Tract: Absólve, Dómine, ánimas ómnium fidélium defunctórum ab omni vínculo delictórum. V. Et grátia tua illis succurrénte, mereántur evádere iudícium ultiónis. V. Et lucis aetérnae beatitúdine pérfrui.

    Deliver, O Lord, the souls of all the departed faithful from all bondage of their sins. V. And by your sustaining grace, may they be worthy of escaping the chastisement of judgment. V. And partake in the happiness of eternal light.

    Libera, Señor, las almas de todos los fieles difuntos de toda esclavitud de sus pecados. V. Y por su gracia sustentadora, que sean dignos de escapar del castigo del juicio. V. Y participar en la felicidad de la luz eterna.

    Richard Chonak helped me with this question and had these things to mention:

    I found a copy of "Misal Diario San José" (Catholic Book Publishing Co., 1964). Page 933 has:

    Absuelve, Señor, las almas de todos los fieles difuntos di todo lazo de pecado.

    V. Y mediante el socorro de tu gracia, merezcan evitar el juicio de venganza.

    V. Y disfrutar de la felicidad de la luz eterna.

    ...another version from on-line, of unknown origin:

    Absuelve, Señor las almas de los fieles difuntos de las ataduras del pecado, y que socorridos por tu gracia merecen escapar al Juicio vengador y disfrutar de la felicidad de la luz eterna.

    Also from Richard ...The Gradual is from IV Esdras; Dom Johner (p. 475 in
    "Chants of the Roman Gradual") says the Tract is from a liturgical prayer.

    Any ideas on where I might find an approved translation for this text?
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    Does anyone have the Angelus Press Spanish/Latin missal? It would have to include a version.
  • Hi Janet.
    I have used as follows:

    Desata oh Señor, las almas de todos los fieles difuntos, de toda ligadura de sus pecados.
    Y auxiliandoles tu gracia, merezcan evitar la sentencia de castigo.
    Y gozar de la felicidad de la luz perpetua

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