Christ the King (EF) 2019 Plans
  • Anyone planning anything interesting for (EF) Christ the King this Sunday? We're excited to be singing Bruckner's setting of the Vexilla Regis, and likely throwing in some Byrd Mass for 4 as well. Here's the full lineup at Mater Dei, Harrisburg, PA (10am Sung Mass):

    Choral Prelude: Christus Vincit (chorale, arr. Nicola Montani)
    Processional Hymn: Crown Him With Many Crowns
    Sprinkling Rite: "Asperges Me"
    Introit Antiphon: "Dignus est Angus"
    Kyrie: Byrd Mass for Four Voices
    Gloria: Missa II Gloria
    Gradual: "Dominabitur"
    Alleluia: "Alleluia - Potestas"
    Credo: Credo I
    Offertory Antiphon: "Postula a Me"
    Offertory Motet: Ne Timeas Maria (Victoria)
    Sanctus/Benedictus: Byrd Mass for Four Voices
    Agnus Dei: Byrd Mass for Four Voices
    Communion Antiphon: "Sedebit Dominus"
    Communion Motet: Vexilla Regis (Bruckner)
    Communion Motet: Jesu Rex Admirabilis (Palestrina; if needed)
    Dismissal: Missa II "Ite Missa Est"
    Last Gospel: Christus Vincit (Gregorian)
    Recessional Hymn: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King

    Edit to add: We also have sung Vespers every 4th Sunday, so I'll play a half-hour organ prelude (this month it's four of Stanley's voluntaries) beginning at 5pm, proper Vespers with organ accompaniment at 5:30, followed by Exposition and Benediction. Haven't decided on the final organ recessional/postlude. Perhaps the Finale from Widor VI. Or Widor IV. I guess I'm feeling Widor, either way.
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    Possibly the same as last year, but we may do Credo VI instead
    St. Bedes Clapham Park,

    Entrance, Christus Vincit (melody from Worcester Antiphonal)
    Asperges (first version)
    Propers from Graduale Romanum
    Mass II
    Credo I
    Offertory motet, Dominus Regnavit, Joaquin Desprez (1st half)
    Communion motet, 2nd half of above.
    Marian Anthem, Solemn tone (Salve Regina)
  • No, not really. We're got a bunch of new people, so we're a little in rebuilding mode. Christ the King is one of my favorite holidays though.
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    Happy feast of Christ the King...

    4 women, 6 men and 2 children in choir, all sang as above.
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  • Sacred Heart, Cincinnati, OH

    • Christus Vincit (Simple Tone)
    • O God of Loveliness

    • Messe Royale (Dumont)
    • Full Propers
    • Credo V
    • Ave Maria (Arcadelt)
    • Iesu Rex (Palestrina)
    • Sicut Cervus (Palestrina)
    • Iesu Dulcis (Kothe)

    • Praise, my Soul, the King of Heaven
    • Organ postlude
  • We sang a Responsorial "In Festo Christi Regis" for the entrance. We coached the altar boys to walk really slowly this time, because our new church is smaller and they were getting to the sanctuary while we were still on the first phrase of the entrance piece...

    We sang the normal Propers, and Ordinary II (Fons bonitatis) and Credo VI, with men and women singing alternating phrases where feasible (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo). We usually divide the Gradual and Alleluia that way, too: on one, the women sing the verse alone; on the other the men sing the verse alone.

    And in a moment of total novelty we sang a vernacular hymn for the exit: in this case a rather martial one about Christ's kingship, with some patriotic flavor. I learned it five minutes before Mass, of course.

    Our new church has a broken organ, which one day perhaps we can restore. First order of business would be to rewire the place and fix the plumbing and roof, but once the infrastructure is back in shape the organ would be a cool project. The choir loft also has a broken harmonium, a broken fan, dirty carpeting and horrifically unpleasant fluorescent lighting. Much work to do! But very grateful to be able to sing in the loft and have the good acoustics of an old church (1770s). Praise God.
  • Processional: Crown Him With Many Crowns
    Kyriale VIII
    Credo III
    All propers of the feast (Liber Usualis)
    Offertory: Rex Summae Majestatis (this is set to Hassler's melody, O Sacred Head)
    Outdoor procession of the Blessed Sacrament
    Benediction (incl Oremus Pro Pontifice)
    Recessional: Agincourt toccata