Solemnity of the Feast of the Holy Rosary, what did you do?
  • tomjaw
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    St Bede's Clapham park 11am EF Mass.
    All Propers sung in full according to the G.R. 1924., 5 ladies 2 girls and 8 men in choir.

    Asperges (mode 7 first tone)
    INT. Gaudeamus (chant)
    KYRIE, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler
    GLORIA., Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler
    GRAD., Propter veritatem (Chant)
    ALL., Solemnitas gloriosae (Chant)
    CREDO, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler
    OFF., In me gratia (Chant)
    OFF. motet, Ave Maria, Parsons
    SANCTUS & BENEDICTUS, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler
    AGNUS DEI, Missa Dixit Maria, Hassler
    COMM. Florete flores (chant)
    COM motet, Ave Maris Stella, Hassler
    ITE. Mass VIII
    Domine Salvum fac.
    Marian anthem. Salve Regina (solemn tone)
  • Sacred Heart, Cincinnati, EF
    • Asperges (standard tone)
    • Propers - medium (Full-tone Introit and Communion; Psalm-tone Gradual / Alleluia and Offertory)
    • Ordinary - Mass XII, Credo III

    • Offertory Motet - Ave Maris Stella (Ett)

    • Communion pieces
    -------- Sub Tuum Praesidium (Lambilotte)
    -------- Lucis Creator #2 (Chant)
    -------- Veni Iesu Amor Mi (Cherubini)
    -------- Panis Angelicus (Lambilotte)
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  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    St. Paul's, Akron
  • CharlesW
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    What did I do? I showed up... Just kidding. I did try to incorporate some Marian pieces.

    Entrance: Sing Praise to Our Creator (Gott Vater etc.)
    Mass Ordinary: ICEL Chant Mass
    Psalm: If today you hear his voice...David N. Johnson
    Offertory: Ave Maria - Jacob Arcadelt
    Communion Proper: R. Rice
    Organ while choir received communion: Alma Redemptoris Mater - Marcel Dupre
    Communion Hymn: Come, Rejoice Before Your Maker (Jubilate Deo)
    Filler: Fugue sur l'Ave Maris Stella - Livre d'Orgue de Limoges
    Hinno Ave Maris Stella - Girolamo Frescobaldi
    Recessional: Sing with All the Saints in Glory (Hymn to Joy)
    Postlude: Suite du Premier Ton - Grave-Jacques Boyvin

    And a good time was had by all.
  • Traditional Latin Mass - Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Lake Charles 5pm
    Oct. 6, 2019 - External Solemnity of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary; Sunday commemorated.

    Immaculate Mary
    Asperges Me
    Introit: Gaudeamus (simple)
    Kyrie: Missa cum jubilo (Mass IX)
    Gloria: Missa cum jubilo (Mass IX)
    Gradual: Propter veritatem (simple)
    Alleluia: Solemnitas gloriosae (simple)
    Credo III
    Offertory: In me gratia (simple)
    Offertory motets, Ave Maria chant; Ave Maria by Victoria
    Sanctus: Missa cum jubilo (Mass IX)
    Agnus Dei: Missa cum jubilo (Mass IX)
    Communion: Florete flores (simple)
    Communion motets: O Sacrum Convivium by Remondi; Laudate Nomen Domini by Tye
    Ite Missa Est - Missa cum jubilo (Mass IX)
    Salve Regina
    Hail Holy Queen
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  • We sang the full-text version of Arcadelt's Ave Maria for the first time.

    Does anyone know if Arcadelt's original has text missing, and if this kind of behavior was common in the 16th and 17th centuries?
  • GerardH
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    Does anyone know if Arcadelt's original has text missing, and if this kind of behavior was common in the 16th and 17th centuries?

    Arcadelt's original is to a different text entirely. It wasn't set to the Ave Maria until the 19th century. See the CPDL page for more info, and the page for the original chanson.
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  • Gerard,

    Thank you.
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  • Alas, we didn't do the External Solemnity, but P17. But we gave a large nod in that direction by singing Te gestimentem gaudiis from the Liber Hymnarius, and my setting of the Fatima prayer.
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