Searching for a choral setting of Levábo óculos meos.
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    I'm looking for a choral setting of the text Levábo óculos meos. It's the prescribed offertory antiphon for Monday of the Second week of Lent and for specifically for the Feast of St. Leo the Great. I could only find one setting on CPDL by Hassler for SATB.

    What I need is TTB(B) and fairly simple. One page, mostly homophonic, and not too high for the tenors would be ideal. I may just end up singing the chant antiphon, but thought the text would make for a nice simple motet.
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    More than one spelling: "Levavi" vs. "Levabo" ... at CPDL:

    The Hassler: Levavi_oculos_meos_(Hans_Leo_Hassler)

    The Lassus: Levabo_oculos_meos_(Orlando_di_Lasso)

    The Gombert: Levavi_oculos_meos_(Nicolas_Gombert)

    The A. Gabrieli: Levavi_oculos_meos_in_montes_(Andrea_Gabrieli)

    The de Rore: Levavi_oculos_meos_in_montes_(Cipriano_de_Rore)

    The Vulpius: Levavi_oculos_meos_(Melchior_Vulpius)

    And several in various vernacular languages: Psalm_121

  • Here's mine, though too high and polyphonic, probably.
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    Thanks. I should have specified the text more carefully. It's actually psalm 119(118) not Psalm 121.

    Levabo oculos meos
    et considerabo mirabilia tua Domine
    ut doceas me justitias tuas.
    Da mihi intellectum
    et discam mandata tua.

    The Lassus Levabo is the one I meant (not Hassler). That is the correct text, but not a feasible arrangement.

    I'll earmark Richard's for another occasion however.
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    The Lasso is indeed the only setting listed by U. Fla.'s Motet Database Catalogue Online. A fourth lower presents the second basses with an E and first tenors with g', if you can handle non-homophonic music. Another option might be to sing 'on the book'.
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    Richard Rice, Thanks for the tune. I downloaded your TBarB trio piece for use at Compline. It will make a good Orison when we do the big 5 changeable pieces in Latin. As far as doing Psalms, they are the focal point at Compline so we mostly do the entire Psalm, not just a few cherry picked verses, unless we do all four assigned Psalms. I have about 225 Psalm settings for a variety of voicings (1 to 8 parts) with no accompaniment in Gregorian Chant Tones, plainsong, harmonized Anglican Chant, through composed, homophonic, and polyphonic, because you can do that as an Anglican.