Michaelmas day
  • tomjaw
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    Happy Michaelmas,
    St Bede's Clapham park 11am EF Mass.
    All Propers sung in full according to the G.R. 1924., 3 ladies 2 girls and 5 men in choir.

    Asperges (mode 7 first tone)
    INT. Benedicite Dominum (chant)
    KYR. Byrd 3 part Mass (alternated with Kyrie XVI)
    GLO. Byrd 3 part Mass
    GRAD. Benedicite Dominum (chant)
    ALL. Sancte Michael (chant)
    CREDO. Byrd 3 part Mass
    OFF. Stetit Angelus (chant)
    OFF motet. Invicte Princeps Michael (Ambrosian Vesper Hymn)
    SAN. Byrd 3 part Mass
    BENE. Byrd 3 part Mass
    AGN. Byrd 3 part Mass
    COMM. Benedicite omnes (chant)
    COM motet, Laus Erumpat (Adam of St. Victor Sequence)
    ITE. Mass XI
    Prayer for the Queen
    Marian anthem. Salve Regina (solemn tone)
  • St. Sebastian, Akron
    939, Lord enthroned in heavenly splendor
    Ordinary: Mass III, Credo 1
    Gregorian Proper (Psalm-tone verse on Grad./All.)
    Offertory: Festiva vos, archangeli (chant Liber Hymnarius p. 442)
    Communion: St. Michael prayer (chant), F. Walczynski: O salutaris, Op. 118

    The St. Michael is from some German nuns IIRC, not the more pedestrian setting I've seen. It's kind of mannerist chant, with a big range and maybe too much word painting, but we did OK with it.