Newman Observances? -
  • What special masses or celebratory goings on are being planned by Forum Folk for Newman's canonisation?
    At Walsingham the 11.15am High mass on the 13th will be followed immediately by a solemn Te Deum, with solemn choral evensong at 4.00pm.
    Also, the following week we will be getting Newman relics, for which we will sing another solemn Te Deum right after a pontifical high mass.
    We are having a series of lectures about his sermons, poetry, and other writings throughout the month of September.
    In the lectures The Idea of a University got special attention (as did the famous and ground-breaking Tract 90.

    'Knowledge is one thing, Virtue another.'
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    In England under the older rubrics, the Sunday is replaced by the Feast of Edward the Confessor double of the II class. In Westminster St Edward is double of the I class (I cl.) so will take precedence over the Sunday even in 1962.
    Of course for those following the 1962, you could have an external solemnity!
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  • We are planning several things that will happen later in the week. We'll be having a special guest - Bp. Athanasius Schneider - to coincide with our celebratory events through the week. He'll be giving a dinner talk on the evening of the 16th, and on the evening of the 17th we will have a Pontifical Votive Mass of St. Newman to complete several days of other events.
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