high school auditions
  • henry
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    When I had a grade school choir, I would audition 4th through 8th graders by having them sing My Country Tis of Thee and Happy Birthday. That worked well. Now I will be auditioning high school boys. Do you think those songs would work well for them too, or can you suggest others? I will be listening to see if they can match pitch and get an idea of their range. Thanks.
  • Carol
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    Others may have better suggestions, but with high schoolers I think you could ask the students to sing a song from the show. This will show who puts in the effort and you also may be blessed to find a singer and actor for a specific role.

    I used to do plays with the 4th to 8th grade range and used to let them sing their own song choice. Then, sometimes, I was not familiar with the song they had chosen and so I would ask them to sing Happy Birthday. One student once told me on the playground that "if she asks you to sing Happy Birthday you are not getting a good part."
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