Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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    St Bede's Clapham Park, all Propers from the Graduale Romanum 1924. 5 ladies, one 14 year old girl, and 6 men in choir.

    Asperges (First version)
    INT. Salve Sancte Parens with 2 verses
    KYR. Mass IX Led by the Ladies
    GLO. Mass IX Led by the Ladies
    GRAD. Benedicta
    ALL. Felix es
    CREDO. I Led by the Ladies
    OFF. Beata es
    OFF motet, Quem terra pontus, Byrd 3 part setting
    SANC. Mass IX Led by the Ladies
    AGN. Mass IX Led by the Ladies
    COM. Beata viscera
    COM. Motet, O Gloriosa Domina, Byrd 3 part setting
    Prayer for the Queen chant
    Marian Anthem Salve Regina, solemn tone
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  • Sacred Heart, Cincinnati (EF) - our first Mass of the 2019-2020 season. Pentecost XIII

    Come Thou Almighty King
    Std. Asperges
    Short Propers (Full Introit and Communion, Psalm-tone remainder)
    Mass X - Ad Libitum Kyrie III
    OFFT: Ave Maris Stella (Ett)
    COMM 1: Tota Pulchra Es (Chant)
    COMM 2: Veni Iesu Amor Mi (Cherubini)
    COMM 3: Cor Dulce (Anon)
    COMM 4: Sub Tuum (Lambilotte)
    O Heart of Jesus

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  • Er, are there local places where the feast takes precedence of the Sunday?
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    There are some places where for the devotion of the people the external solemnity may be observed: this is common for Corpus Christi (even when not transferred like in the Novus Ordo), Our Lady of the Rosary, and the patronal feast of a parish.
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  • Of course. But the feast is today in the calendar, reduced to a commemoration because of the Sunday. Can you celebrate an external solemnity on the same day the feast would have been celebrated?
  • Yes, I am curious about how an "external solemnity" works when you use it to celebrate a feast on its actual feast day. Ascension and Corpus Christi are not good comparisons; in the traditional calendar they are liturgically celebrated on Thursday (office) but often celebrated on Sunday in trad parishes as an external solemnity, while the office of the day is for the appropriate Sunday. In the new calendar they are often designated to be celebrated on Sundays but not as "external solemnities" - the office is of the feast, not the Sunday.

    Okay, upon reading what I just wrote, maybe I just answered my own question. Perhaps today can be an "external solemnity" in the sense that we can celebrate the Mass of the Nativity of our Lady, but the office must be of the Sunday.

    Of course, this problem could be eliminated by going back to the pre-62/Pius X rubrics for occurence: all doubles of the 1st and 2nd class (1st and 2nd class feasts in the 62 rankings) take precedence over Sundays. The Nativity of Our Lady was a double of the 2nd class (with a simple octave). Obviously I am not in charge, but it seems that celebrating this feast of our Lady is more important than the Sunday.
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  • And (reading the rubrics, e.g. de Translatione Festorum) I learned what I didn't know. Now I know that external solemnity can indeed be on the very day of the impeded feast.
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  • As the SSPX and St. Robert's follow the 1962 calendar, the XIII Sunday takes precedence. This I found out when I rehearsed the wrong propers!
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    According the to the 1962 Rubrics (L.M.S. Ordo) Our Lady is only commemorated at Low Mass... Of course today is (was) an ideal day for an External Solemnity.

    Of course next week according to the old Rubrics will be the 7 Sorrows. We also lose another Green Sunday this Month, Michaelmas, falls on a Sunday!
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