Gregorian Chant School, Houston, Texas
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    This certainly lifts the heart: The St. Basil School of Gregorian Chant. Its first project is a six week course of three hours for six Saturdays, beginning May 9th through Saturday, June 20th, 2009 Location: Chapel of St. Basil
    University of St. Thomas, 3802 Yoakum, Houston, Texas 77006.

    Activities with this group have been growing for some time, and they intensify dramatically with this move. The site is worth a visit, and every friend of sacred music should congratulate them for this work.

  • Jeffrey -
    St. Basil's School... not St. Basil School... He is our patron, it is his school, thus the possessive. I am genuinely curious as to why Catholic parishes have dropped the possessive in recent decades from their namesakes. This has, to me, a rather Protestant if not unlearned ring to it. Even Methodists seem to get this right.
    Just the same, thanks for mentioning us. If you go to our web site you will find the six week syllabus by which we propose to delve somewhat more deeply than most workshops. Please pray for our success to the Glory of God.
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    Dropping the possessive is just another example of the impermeability of the firmament. We honor him--but couldn't possibly have an actual relationship with him.

    (Like any pet theory I think it always applies...)

    Congratulations on making this beginning. May it thrive!!
  • It's part of the intentional de-enchantment of the Church's liturgy and identity.
    It's a form of late-20th-century iconoclasm.
    It's a product of a false understanding of accuracy and exactness.
    It's a sign of sociology being considered more important than martyrology.
    It's part of a world where the people/congregation are called Assembly, the church narthex a 'gathering space', the nave and sanctuary the 'worship space', and the liturgy leaflet a 'worship aid'.