Phrasing in Andrews Gloria
  • Re the Carroll Andrew's Gloria (revised):

    I have some technical issues about phrasing and breathing in the above stated Gloria. I hope some of you wouldn't mind taking a look at this piece with me: (We are singing from Gather 3 page 319.) Maybe even Fr. Krisman could pop in here.

    Would it make more sense to sing
    "Glory to God in the highest ' and on earth peace to people of good will. ' "or to make it one longer phrase?

    Also in the first section, "We praise you, we bless you, we adore you, we glorify you. . . " I don't want to breathe after every comma. I would like to sing, "We praise you ' we bless youwe adore you ' we glorify youwe give you thanks for your great glory." Does that make sense? There is a crescendo and decrescendo on "we glorify you we give you thanks for your great glory." so it seems to make sense to keep it smooth and one phrase.

    Also in the last section, is it more effective to sing through "you alone are the most highJesus Christ" instead of you alone are the most high ' Jesus Christ '
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    The octavo edition, unsurprisingly, has the intended breath marks indicated. E.g.,

  • It never occurred to me to check the octavo. I will remember for next time.
    Thank you .
  • There is a wide spectrum of possible disconnections between phrases, not all of which include a breath. I would definitely break between all of the commas for textual clarity, but obviously not all of those breaks are particularly long or include a breath.
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    There should always be significant lift after "O God, Almighty Father" - and arcing of all the text that precedes that should build towards release and resolution in that.

    Just as true when recited, I might add.
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