CPDL contributors: please read
  • I attempted to gain access to the cpdl website this afternoon.
    I got a message that "this website has exceeded its resource limit", and was, therefore, temporarily unavailable.

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  • Seems to be ok now.

    Lots of sites are hosted on plans that give only a certain amount of data transfer per month. Maybe CPDL exceeded that limit.
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  • Though one expects differently of computers, sometimes the best thing is to try again. I don't see any mention at the CPDL fora.
  • Well, as I had trouble reaching musicasacra.com earlier today, I suspect a vast right-wing conspiracy...
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  • Richard R.,
    If I suspect an enormous left-wing conspiracy, funded by George Soros and propagated by Planned Parenthood, will I have less trouble getting to other websites?(off)

    Richard M,
    I suspect that (the notice from the computer notwithstanding) the problem may have been with my internet connection, rather than anything wrong with the site itself.
  • chonakchonak
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    Yeah, we had an outage on one of our sites this afternoon; sorry for that.
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  • CharlesW
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    The Russians did it.
  • 'swamp' gas?
  • I think it is only fair to point out that this has been predicted by a number of politicians. The END is near (within 10-12 years, apparently). Sites being down is simply prophetic of that END. It makes sense. Climate change causes the electrons to move faster - producing a burn-out. Or climate change causes the electrons to move slower, causing the servers to degrade and not be able to host the site. Either way, the connection is clear.