Chant for the Acto Penitencial (El Confiteor)
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    Would anyone know where to find the chant for the Acto Penitencial? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the Internet. OCP helpfully has the all the other options except El Confiteor.
  • OCP ... has the all the other options except El Confiteor.

    Do you have a theory as to why this might be the case?
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    No theories. I just remembered I have the new Ignatius Pew Missal for the Spanish Mass. it also doesn't have music for El Confiteor. Since I'm going to Spain later this year for my friend's wedding (his fiancé is Spanish), I'm going to ask to see the altar Missal afterwards. Perhaps it might be found there.
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    Is there music in the English-language edition of the Roman Missal? (No.) Why not? Because there is no music in the Latin edition of the Missale Romanum.
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    I've been wondering what the source is for the notated Confiteor, as it appears, for example, in The Parish Book of Chant. As far as I can tell, it's not notated in the 1974 Graduale or the Ordo Cantus Missae or the 1961 Graduale.

    Today I came across a model for it in the 1955 Graduale from Quebec, which provides a Confiteor for pontifical Masses:


    So at least it seems that the chanted Confiteor has a basis in previous usage.
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  • tomjaw
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    The Confiteor is on page 120* of the Graduale Romanun 1924 No. 696
    This edition was updated several times with pages being added and other pages removed.
  • ...which provides a Confiteor for pontifical Masses...

    The confiteor is chanted by the deacon at a Solemn Mass as well as in the Pontifical High Mass in the EF.
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    The confiteor is chanted by the deacon at a Solemn Mass - the third Confiteor IF there are communicants. Which makes it strange that the chant is usually omitted from the books.
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    Ah! Thanks for the reply Richard. I see where my query was unclear. I'm looking for the Spanish chant for El Confiteor.
  • Hey Matt, the Spain missal doesn’t have a chanted setting for the confiteor but it does for the other two opctions, I have the audio if you need it.
  • Richard R.
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    I should think it would be a supplement in the current Spanish Missal.
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    mattfong - you were clear enough, we were just searching around for reasons why we did not know of anything.
    I suggest that the OF Confiteor is a direct take from the EF prayer at the foot of the altar. And that had no music because at a sung Mass there would be other singing going on while the priest and ministers/servers made their confessions. However that does not explain why the chant was not taken from the deacon's chant at the third Confiteor, which did exist, or why that chant is obscure.
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    Hi everyone -- this has been super informative. I think I might just set it myself, and bring the results back to this thread for a double-check. Thanks to chonak for the reference.
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    ... And the present Gregorian chant for Latin text provides *the* exemplar.
  • The tone for the Confiteor in Latin may be found in the Liber Usualis on p. 110. See the scanned edition on
  • Liam
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    Of course, the text of the Confiteor is different in the OF vs EF missals.
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  • Hello everyone! Merry Christmas! And our Lord's blessings be with you all!

    I've finally gotten around to set the El Confiteor to the Latin chant melody. Other things were seeking attention first, and the Christmas holidays has thankfully granted some free time to work on this.

    I would appreciate feedback on this setting, as well as insights of eliding in Spanish. I'm not a native speaker by any means, and have bare-bones working knowledge from high school ...

    Update: Uploaded v1 with corrections
  • ... I already see the error on the second hermanos ... that's been fixed.
  • Hi everyone! Here's another variant, which retains more of the Latin melody, but I'm not sure at what expense to the text. Thank you in advance for feedback.

    Update: Uploaded v2 with corrections.
  • Is the idea for the congregation to chant this?

    How do you mean the 'y' to be sung where you've put it in italics?
  • Hello Catherine. Yes, the idea is for the congregation to chant this. The elisions, like the y, are sung as part of the next neume. Instead of y an-te, it would be sing as yan-te.
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  • I think you could just give the 'y' it's own note, to make it easier for the people to chant. They already know the words with the 'y' not elided, and this kind of chant 'melody' is a recitation of a text which can be shortened or lengthened to fit the text. You don't have to fit the text to a certain number of syllables/notes.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    The elision is something that happens in ordinary speech, so an extra note doesn't make things easier for Spanish speakers, rather the opposite: 12345 "Yo con-fie-soan -te". The second y could be a puzzle: I think "palabra/obra_y /omisión" "y_a /ustedes" & "por mí/ ante Dios" would be correct, while I wonder about "ruego a" "que intercedan" & "y_an-te / ustedes".
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  • @RichardMix, appreciate the input. I'm also getting some help with the elisions from a Dominican brother who is a native speaker ... and I don't know if various Spanish speaking countries have different rules ...
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    @RichardMix, I'm still waiting for feedback from my friend. I think you might right about the ruego a, and que intercedan. I've also added mi ante. Here's the latest, and thanks to @chonak, I've got the underties in to give a visual cue on how to sing the elision.