Position Open: Part-time Organist - Saint Joseph Parish, Rockdale, Illinois
  • Located in Rockdale, Illinois (adjacent to Joliet and a member of the Diocese of Joliet), Saint Joseph Parish seeks a part-time organist to serve under the leadership of the Pastor and the Director of Music for the Tridentine Mass community.

    The St. Joseph organist will play all 10 AM Sunday Masses and all Holy Day of Obligation 7 PM Masses. Additionally, he/she will play the Christmas Eve "Midnight" Mass, the Christmas Day 10 AM Mass and the New Year's Day 10 AM Mass. He/she will play the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper (through the conclusion of the Gloria inclusive). He/she will play the Easter Vigil Mass (beginning with the Gloria through the conclusion of the Mass). Should the Pastor/Music Director decide against using the organ during Advent and Lent, the organist will play only on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays. The organist will play the 7PM St. Joseph Day Mass.

    During the first two months of the organist's employ, he/she will attend and participate in mid-week rehearsals. After this period, the organist should demonstrate that he/she has a grasp of the flow of Sunday worship. If so, he/she need no longer attend mid-week rehearsals. In the event of special Masses a mid-week rehearsal MAY be necessary.

    Basic musical requirements: Hymn accompaniments (usually only a processional and recessional); Mass Ordinary accompaniments, i.e., "chant" Masses; Mass Ordinary accompaniments in Mass settings requiring organ, e.g., Masses by Dvorak, Mozart, Faure, etc. N.B. Such Mass settings are not anticipated for at least one, or even two, years in the future. Hymn/Ordinary accompaniment volumes are part of the choir/schola library and are available to the organist at any time.
    The organist will provide simple episodes of "walking" music (these will be explained) and recessional hymn "build-up" during the Last Gospel of any Sung/Solemn Mass (this will be explained).

    So long as nothing is going on in the church, the organist will have access to the organ at any time. He/she will receive a key to the church.

    Should the organist, in case of illness or emergency, be unable to play, and should these cases be immediate, he/she must simply inform the Music Director that he/she will be absent. If possible, it would be appreciated if the organist can provide a last-minute substitute, but this is not required. Should the organist have advance notice that he/she will have to be absent, e.g., family wedding or some other significant occasion, he/she must engage and instruct a suitable substitute.
    Should the organist wish to take vacation, he/she will be given four weeks over the course of the year, so long as major feast days are not affected.

    In the event that the choir/schola sing an "a cappella," Mass the services of the organist will still be required. He/she will received the normal per appearance compensation. It is hoped that the organist will participate in such “a cappella” Mass Ordinaries and Motets.

    Compensation: $100 per appearance (Sunday, Holy Day, Christmas, Holy Week, Specially scheduled Mass).
    The organist will receive compensation twice per month. The organist will provide a monthly time sheet which must be signed by the Music Director or the Pastor.

    With inquiries, please send your current CV and a letter of interest to grzadzinski.james@comcast.net.
    An audition with the Pastor will be required as part of the interview process.

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