Votive Mass Music
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    I've been asked to lead music for a Novus Ordo Votive Mass in Honor of the Immaculate heart of Mary. Text here http://www.liturgies.net/saints/mary/immaculateheart/mass.htm
    I need help finding a (chant in English) responsorial psalm and Communion antiphon.
    Does something exist?
  • BGP,

    Are you hoping to accompany the singing of the psalm, or to have it sung without? Similarly, is the goal to sing the Communion antiphon without accompaniment, or with it, in parts or in unison?
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    Without and in unison.
  • That limits (but probably improves) your choices.
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    I'll happily be corrected, but the last question's answer might well be no.

    For Responsorial Psalms my approach has been to search the Gregobase index for an existing chant. For "Exultavit" on can then adapt the antiphon thus and run it through a GABC interface:

    name: Exsultavit cor meum;
    annotation: 1;
    %width: 5;
    %height: 11;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: 12;
    (c4) EX(c)sul(d)tá(ixdh'!iv)vit(h) *() cor(h_g) me(h)um(g') in(f) ó(g)mi(fe)no,(d.) (,)
    sal(d)va(g)to(f)re(e) me(fe)o.(d.) (::)

    If the 'refrain' as well as verses is to be in English, you'll have to complete the exercise yourself ;-)

    For Maria conservabit there's no such Communion in Cantus, but the Office Antiphon Maria autem should work.
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    BGP, you may know this already: the antiphons on that web page are from the Roman Missal, and they were added to the Missal by Pope St Paul VI for recitation on occasions when the antiphons are not sung. It has since become permitted to sing them in the US, but we should still give preference to the antiphons meant for singing, which are specified in the Ordo Cantus Missae. (If you don't have a copy of the OCM, you can use the 1974 Graduale Romanum which was based on it.)

    The OCM specifies the Communion antiphon for the memorial of the Immaculate Heart, "Narrabo". Happily, it can be found in "Simple English Propers" under the Seventh Sunday, so you can download that from the CMAA site.

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    Thanks everyone.
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    chonak, yes I am aware of that but am being asked to use the Missal text in English I just threw something together and am posting it here for posterity and critique.
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