Salary for Diocesan Director of Music
  • Greetings colleagues. Would anyone know of a salary range for a position of diocesan director of music? I'm looking for some kind of reference point, either full or part-time. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  • Tom,

    To answer your question requires several clarifications.

    1) Is "Diocesan Director of Music" a position distinct from Choirmaster at the Cathedral?
    2) What are the stated qualifications for the post? If a degree in Liturgy is required (or at least preferred) that would raise the salary bracket.
    3) What part of the country, and which country, does this position concern? Minimum salary in some parts of the USA constitutes "filthy rich" in other places.
    4) Is the position offered for all comers, for laymen, or for clerics only?
  • Chris, many thanks for your kind reply! The position is distinct from the Cathedral but may be combined with another diocesan position. Currently, a degree in liturgy is not required and it is for a layperson. The position is in the Southeast. Just a ballpark for a salary range would be great.
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