How often do you meet with the Pastor to discuss music?
  • How often do you meet with the Pastor to discuss music for the liturgical services? Or another way to state this question, how involved is the Pastor in the liturgical music?

    In a few different places, it's been stated that the Pastor is ultimately responsible for the music of the liturgy... but what does that look like in the every day moments of the job?

    I ask because the last time the Pastor met with me about music was back before Holy Week...and I had to practically beg him to meet with me this week. I'm beginning my second year as the music director for a small RC parish.
  • Never.....he does not tell me what to play and I do not tell him what to preach. He does, however, stop in my office almost daily for chit chat about this and other things.....he is an amazing boss!
  • stulte
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    Meet? Eh, last time was around Holy Week to prep for Tenebrae.
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    We meet once a week. And sometimes we drop through each other's offices to check on things or chat. It helps that my Pastor is a musician also and is quite knowledgeable. He has made incredible repertory suggestions and sometimes thinks much grander than I can accomplish. He pushes me to consider remarkable music and we have followed through. I am fortunate.
  • Pianist,

    By the sound of it, your pastor and boss trusts your judgment and wants you to have the freedom to do your job properly. Take this as a good thing. If you and he are on the same page (as it were) in terms of expectations (or, I guess, outcomes). When I was in an OF context, my favorite situation was the one in which my boss and I didn't need to meet more than twice a year, because he and I had the same understanding of what my responsibilities were.

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    Rarely do I meet with him. He's busy and he likes the more traditional music that I do.
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  • Thank you very much! Particularly Chris. Last year, my first year, we met regularly particularly to walk through the different liturgical services together. And then after Holy Week, the regular meetings dropped completely. I am inclined to agree that he trusts that the job is in good hands and didn't really realise it until you stated above. The Bishop came for a special mass in July and I never heard a peep from him except to make sure I have correctly cordinated with the other liturgical ministries. Thank you again
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