Motet for 2 Voices (and also hello!)
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    Hello! I am a new member of the forum, as I'm sure you have guessed already. I have used the forum as a resource before but finally decided that I could benefit more from the incredible knowledge and wisdom of the members if I was a member myself! I'm looking forward to learning from and with you all.

    I am looking for a motet for 2 voices that would be appropriate for funerals, maybe for the offertory or Communion. Another cantor and I are frequently asked to provide music for funerals together and it would be nice to have some polyphony to choose from. Do any of you have suggestions of pieces or places you could point me to?
    Thank you!
  • Welcome to the forum!

    First is with organ, written specifically for 2 voice. The second is a piece with parts, which could be done in unison, with alternating both voices together then with a soloist on parts so marked, or with two voices on the refrain.
  • My choir uses this introit by Christoph Dalitz regularly.

    Also a great resource from Gary Penkala and CanticaNova publications...
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    ARod77, plenty of bicinia at my website:
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