Pointed Readings for Common of Doctors ('62)
  • shawnk
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    Does anyone happen to have the Epistle and Gospel for the Common of Doctors (TLM) with music notation for clergy to sing? I'm trying to help a fellow music-director find these ASAP but haven't seen them online, anywhere. I tried to point the texts automatically using an online tool, but the results were not correct.
  • tomjaw
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    Have you tried this, http://bbloomf.github.io/jgabc/readings.html

    Also here, http://www.windsorlatinmass.org/latin/chant.htm I think the Feast of St. Peter Chrysologus uses the Common of Doctors.

    If not pm me, One of our priests is making a corrected set and we have sang a few feasts of Doctors so he should have them
  • shawnk
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    Thank you, Sir. I had indeed looked through the Windsor page, but I overlooked St. Peter Chrysologus. Perfect.

    As for the readings tool, yes I had tried that, but it wasn't pointing the Epistle correctly for the tone that I chose. At any rate, I much appreciate the help!
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