Ampleforth Gradual
  • Palestrina
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    I’ve seen a couple of references to the above on the forum but a Google search hasn’t yielded much information.

    Does anyone have a useful link and possibly some samples?
  • Marc Cerisier
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    If you pm me your email, I can send a couple of photos. I saw it in use some years ago in St. Louis at the abbey there, so I emailed the abbey (Ampleforth) to inquire. It was in “beta” then, so I emailed once a year to check on it and it finally was available in print last year. To order it I had to call the gift shop there (I use Viber to call Europe from here) and give them my CC details. It came in a few days. Shipping for a single book cost about as much as the book... I wish someone like LitPress would import a few cases to sell.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    Bad timing! the gift shop is moving, and thus closed until 29th July. I can't see the Gradual listed, but it won't be a 'popular' item.
  • Marc Cerisier
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    I encouraged them to add it to the web shop, or to offer a digital version, but they don't seem to want to promote it very well. I don't really know why... it's a very high quality resource.
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  • ghmus7
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    Any word on where this might be avaliable?
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  • Directly from Ampleforth Abbey.