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  • So we recently moved our organ console back to the center of our choir loft, but now I’m in need of a mirror so I can see the sanctuary while playing for liturgies. I ordered something that looked like it might do the trick, but it won’t swivel down far enough to see what I need to see. Is there a particular mirror or other solution that someone here would suggest?
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    I think you'll need to provide more information (or even a picture) for us to be able to help.
  • CharlesW
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    I was lucky enough to inherit one, but I suspect Amazon and others have mirrors that swivel on a base that you could use.

    The largest seem to run 8 or 10 inches. Something like this could work until you can get one built. If you have any carpenters in the church, one of them could do it for you.
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  • TCJ
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    I got two 6-inch swivel mirrors from Wal-mart. They work well enough.
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  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    The organ at St. Mary's in Akron used some bicycle mirrors on either side.
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  • I went to a local antique shop and found an old shaving mirror. It is perfect. Just took a little time to find.
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  • madorganist
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    You might consider a clip-on mirror such as this:
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  • Check out I ordered one of his mirrors maybe 10 years ago. They are beautifully made, worth every penny having something artistically made.
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  • Thanks, all; I've been using an old jewelry box mirror. It works pretty well, but it's about 25 inches tall, since it has an unnecessary jewelry box on the bottom. If I could chop off the box portion of it and flip the rectangular mirror to make it horizontal instead of vertical, it would be perfect. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find what I'm looking for without getting it custom-made.
  • ContraBourdon, those mirrors look lovely, but that would take up nearly half my annual budget for one of their mirrors! $425! I got an antique that looked something like this: for about $40 from an antique shop. It's an antique "shaving mirror" and I bet you could google that term and find something used that will fit the bill much cheaper.
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  • The 2ft x 3.5ft mirror which hangs from facade pipes in my choir loft
  • madorganist, I never would have thought of looking for a clip-on mirror, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this one works for my needs!
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  • madorganist
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    Excellent! I've been pleased with mine. It's fairly unobtrusive but large enough to get a decent view of the sanctuary and very easy to adjust when there's another organist at the console.
  • ghmus7
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    I've had to build several. It's not too hard, you find a mirror of the right size in a frame and construct some kind of holder to keep it in the right place.