HELP! Anyone in St Louis willing to help with pipe organ removal Thurs/Fri of this week?
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    St Mary's in Sleepy Eye bought and a parish team are currently in process of removing the 1924 Wicks at SFdSO in St Louis. One of our team members will be leaving on Thursday morning, and his replacement for Thursday and Friday, due to a very unjust and urgent workplace situation, can no longer come down. We require on-site help in St Louis to disassemble and load the organ into the trucks. We will be able to handle unloading on-site at St Mary's over the weekend.

    If you are interested or able to help, please PM or reply below!
  • Incardination
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    Congratulations on your new organ, Nihil! Best of luck with the move and the disassembly / reassembly!
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    I've passed this on to a member in St. Louis, who is posting it to a local group.
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    Thank you, chonak! My availability on-site was limited, as well, but I can put those interested in touch with our team leader!