New ordinariate mission: Catholic Church of the Presentation, The Woodlands, TX
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    Calling all ordinariate supporters:

    Does anyone in this area want to be part of a new ordinariate mission parish, founded in early February of this year? Or perhaps you have a little time to spare to visit a new Catholic community this summer? It is led by my parochial vicar at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham - Catholic Church & Shrine, Houston, Texas, the Rev. Fr. Justin P. Fletcher, and is staffed by other priests including our director of vocations of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, the Rev. Fr. Richard Kramer.

    According to a friend who has been here, musical offerings include propers led by a cantor and a capella hymns at the 10 AM Sunday Mass and the John Merbecke setting of the ordinary. "Asperges Me" as appropriate (he was there on Corpus Christi Sunday).

    As I understand it, The Woodlands is considered a rather choice place to live.

    The Catholic Church of the Presentation
  • I had put a notice about the new parish, whose title is 'Presentation of the Lord', on our Forum a month or two ago. It is doing quite well - they have already close to two hundred hundred people each week. There is an 8.00am mass without music and a 10.30am sung mass with music as outlined by Blaise. Presentation of the Lord is a mission of Walsingham and was established because we have quite a number of people from The Woodlands who make the close to an hour's drive into Walsingham each week. Blaise is certainly right - The Woodlands, a Houston suburb, is a very affluent place to live. Our mission church is currently meeting at St Anthony's of Padua, a very large parish in The Woodlands.
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    Oh such good news!

    If I were not a full-time caretaker to two disabled family members right now, I'd be on a one-way trip to The Woodlands tomorrow.

    This new Ordinariate development would simply be a "douceur", as the French might say.

    And yes Blaise, from many standpoints and under many considerations and criteria, The Woodlands is a rather nice place to live.

    It was described by one social commentator as the closest thing to a conservative's idea of a perfect planned community.

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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    All Grace and good to the Ordinariate!
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  • Update:

    The temporary building has been renovated far beyond what Google Maps might suggest. In the past few months we have drywalled, tiled the sanctuary, installed a dossal, and added pews.
  • It is good, very good, to hear of your progress. Presentation has been frequently in my prayers. I am very happy to hear that the music is in good hands and that you have a good choir. About the organ - of course organs are a tremendous expense, but as we all know, they are worth it and I pray that you stay on that course. Tell Fr Fletcher 'hello' for me. I was at his priestly ordination at Walsingham, where he served for several years, and think very highly of him. May you continue to flourish!
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    Is this the church in Montgomery, TX? I hear it's about an hour's drive from College Station, TX.
  • Yes. 5530 Honea Egypt Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316 is the address.
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    It seems that many good organ companies could come up with a plan to provide a small intrument for your present situation, which then as much as possible to be moved to a new building. This lind of two phase plan might actually be cheaper in the long run that purchasing an electronic now( which you would just throw away or sell) and then pipes later. It is surprising what can be done with 5 ranks.
  • amen and amen to Greg's suggestion.
  • I spoke with John Bishop at Organ Clearing House, as well as several other organ dealers. It would be marvelous to have an five rank organ capable of future expansions, but it is not cheaper. I have been advised that moving, voicing and tuning most any organ of five ranks costs 100,000 whether you move it 10 feet or 10 states. Even the "free" small unit organs from OCH would be this cost. This is compounded by the difficulty of multiple moves, which would double the steep cost of a pipe instrument.
  • Here is a recent picture from Lent II:
  • The vestments are amazing.
  • We have an altar rail!
    4032 x 3024 - 3M
  • Not to mention a beautiful polychrome screen!