Music for the anniversary of a parish
  • CatholicZ09
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    Hi, all:

    My parish’s 25th anniversary is next weekend. The music director and I are coming up with what we want to program for the Mass of Thanksgiving next weekend.

    So far, we’re thinking of opening with “Rejoice, the Lord is King” and closing with “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”. Both were chosen because of the readings of the day, but the latter was also chosen because it was the recessional at the dedication Mass 25 years ago.

    Nothing is set in stone, yet, so we’d love to hear some suggestions from you guys! Choir is not able to sing this weekend, so there will only be cantor and organist, so keep that in mind when making suggestions. Unfortunately, we are stuck with Mass of Creation because that was what was sung at the dedication Mass and also what our current pastoral team wants sung for the next few weeks. If I had a say so, I’d say we should do Andrews’ Gloria from New Mass for Congregations and go from there, but I digress.
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    @CatholicZ09 : Two more bits of guidance might help us. 1- what is the typical structure of the music at Mass? 2- What is the title of the church?
    If you want a post-communion hymn of praise "Fill your hearts with joy and gladness" is based on Ps147, which is the recommendation for Communio in GS.
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    I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time, but this is my first post. Thanks to all for lots of great information!

    When we dedicated our new church last year, we used Thaxted with alternate verses:

  • Jeffrey Quick
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    It's always nice to use music from the dedication Mass. It's more interesting if the parish is over a century old. But this is one time where I'm all in favor of Massive Cremation. Perhaps in 2094 you'll be able to get the indults then necessary to do it again, though it may need to be translated into Latin.

    Otherwise, I'd generally handle this as a patronal feast. If there's special music that you do then (that people at least somewhat know), do it again.
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  • If the parish has undergone a renovation, you could use this at the offertory....
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    Is this the 25th Anniversary of the inception of the parish, or if the Dedication of the Church?
  • CatholicZ09
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    This is what we ended up choosing:

    Entrance: Rejoice, the Lord is King
    Gloria: Massive Cremation
    Psalm: Psalm 66–Alstott
    Gospel Acc: Celtic Alleluia
    Prep: You are All We Have
    Parts: Cremation
    Communion: Gather Us Together
    Recessional: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

    Really wanted to do Guimont’s version of Psalm 66 this weekend, but I was told to keep it simple “for the people” because it is the “anniversary.” Celtic Alleluia was sung at the first parish Mass, so that’s why it’s there. I actually don’t mind it.

    Prep is a paraphrase of Psalm 16. It’s actually very beautiful and a parish favorite. Communion is a piece by Owen Alstott that is also very beautiful.

    Overall, not bad. We had to throw them a lot of bones this weekend, LOL.
  • CatholicZO9,

    Your goal was to "keep it simple".... which prompts my question: when does simple become simplistic?

    Your list reminds me ( in form, not content) of the parish which sings Missa de Angelis on every festal occasion.
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    There is certainly a very thin line separating 'simple' and 'simplistic', and often (to please the masses) we tend to fall in the latter category.

    I think that obedience is a virtue, but I would also challenge those in the choir and in leadership do at least 3 things that would bring a glimmer of beauty, possibly a well-written introit hymn e.g. a psalm from the Chabanel collection and an easy choral offering.

    I have not as yet been successful, but I do try to be a thorn when I feel that 'noble simplicity' is attainable.
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    That’s actually a very good question. Because there was only a cantor present and not a choir, we were told to plan stuff that the congregation would easily recognize and sing with comfort.

    A lot of the selections were also based on the first Mass 25 years ago.

    Overall, it worked. I would’ve chosen a couple different Mass parts, but that’s just me...
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  • Next time, if you have a choir, the top-must choice is the "Locus Iste" by Bruckner. Incredibly beautiful and powerful.