Colloquium 2019 recordings
  • Carl DCarl D
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    As you capture recordings of the Colloquium next week, feel free to contact me at I'll be organizing a page on the music archive.

    We can transfer files via Dropbox or Google Drive. And of course you'll need to let me know what each file captures.

    If you have an entire Mass or concert in a single file, great. I'll be glad to split it into the individual songs.
  • chonakchonak
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    Thanks, Carl! I'll try to record events and will pass along files to you, but other participants are needed as well in order to cover the range of events. Also, audio recordings from multiple locations within the Cathedral will be helpful, since the various choirs will sing from different places.

    Attendees are welcome to record any of the liturgical services and keynote addresses of the Colloquium; on the other hand, rehearsals generally are not meant to be recorded on audio or video. For "breakout" sessions, ask the permission of the presenter.

    The scheduled music is listed in the front pages of the repertoire book:
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  • Carl DCarl D
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    OK, everyone, I'm starting to get some of the recordings processed and published:

    As always, let me know if you see errors! That's one of the problems with not attending this year.

    And let me know if you have recordings to share.