Index of melodies in L Usualis
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    I’m singing through the Liber Usualis, aside from any requirements for choir, as my daily warm up—30-60 minutes of sight reading and interval practice. I frequently find myself certain I’ve sung something before. I don’t have the kind of mind that remembers those kinds of things and I am in the back of the book with chants that are probably not frequently sung, so I may be remembering something whose context is not easy to remember.

    Is there any index of melodies? Not the words or place in the Liturgy, but actually the notes. I’d be interested in comparing as I’m going.


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  • I used to have a copy of An Index of Gregorian Chant, which provides an index of melodies converted to a numeric formula.
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    Posts: 512 subsumes the Index of Gregorian Chant, and it is much easier to use. It gives direct reference to the notation of the Liber Usualis drawn from those on
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  • Thank you all—that’ll be an interesting addition to my studies.