Hymn Fest for the Sacred Heart--June 28, Peabody, Massachusetts
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    "Hymn Fest for the Sacred Heart" will be held on Friday, June 28, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, at 7 p.m. at St. Adelaide's Church in Peabody, Massachusetts. Eleven traditional Sacred Heart hymns ("old favorites"--see list below) will be sung in choir directed by Michael Olbash. Peter Meggison will introduce each hymn reflecting on its history and significance in Catholic devotional life. Join us down this trip through "memory lane" as we honor the Sacred Heart in this special way in his month of June and have an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the Sacred Heart in today's world!

    O Sacred Heart, What Shall I Render Thee?
    O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine
    Heart of Jesus, Hear
    To Jesus' Heart All Burning
    I Rise from Dreams of Time
    O Take Me To Thy Sacred Heart
    Dear Sacred Heart
    Heart of Jesus, We Are Grateful
    To Praise the Heart of Jesus (Singenberger)
    I Place My Trust in Thee
    O Sacred Heart, Our Home Lies Deep in Thee (Terry)
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  • Sounds like fun, although I don't know any of these.

    I can't make it (alas) because
    1) I'm in California, no where near the east coast.
    2) I'm hosting the rehearsal dinner for my son and (soon to be) daughter-in-law, who will wed the next morning.
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    Here are a few recordings, for folks who never got a chance to hear these in First Friday holy hours:
    "O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine"
    "To Jesus' Heart All Burning":
    "O Sacred Heart" (Terry):
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