Possible Commission!!!
  • willschill
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    Greetings all! St. Leo the Great Church in Minot, ND is looking for a talented composer commission a new mass (by the name of "the Mass of St. Leo the Great) for a rededication mass this winter. If you are interested in applying for this commission or to learn more, contact Will Schilling (DOM) via email @ stleoschoir@gmail.com
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    Already answered!
  • ghmus7
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    Hello, you can check put my website
    And my YouTube channel
  • Answered as well! Truth be told, I'm a little intimidated by the calibre of composers who have entered so far; however, I'm looking forward to the opportunity of exercising some of my skills that haven't been explored to date. I'm no DMA, but I'm very excited to enter.
  • chonakchonak
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    As a tip: interested composers should probably contact the Director of Music by e-mail, since there's no automatic notification to him when people add comments here.
  • willschill
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    Attention: Thank you to all who expressed interest in this project! If you have contacted me via email, you should have received a response from me and I look forward to discussing this further with you. At this time, however, I am no longer taking applications for this project. Thank you.