Cor Jesu by Webbe 2009/2010 Chant Intensive
  • Hello All,

    I am still in my search for this piece. I've posted about it several times. I attended the chant intensive and we sang it in 2009. A video that I link to below shows that it was sung again in 2010. If anyone has it would be they be so kind as to pass it along? Thanks!

  • Richard R.
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    Very similar to the tune Schoenster Herr Jesu, which appears in "Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Canticles" as "Come Take the Body of the Savior", no. 139. You might contact the conductor, Scott Turkington, who is at Holy Family Catholic Church, Minneapolis.
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    Here is a link in which I posted recordings of the 2010 Winter Chant Intensive Mass, including the Cor Jesu of William (?) Webbe:
  • Richard thank you for your reply I reached out to scott and he does not have a copy.
  • Choral thank you for your reply. I have the recordings unfortunately I can’t locate the sheet music. Any chance you still have it?
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    My choir has copies. I'll see about scanning them for you.
  • I would be immensely grateful. We’d like to use it on the 28th of this month with a very volunteer choir.
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    Oddly enough, and this would've been appropriate for yesterday - the Marier Pius X Hymnal features a tune very close to this set to the text Salve Antoni. My choir only put two and two together after singing all the way through it.

    a very volunteer choir

    Gotta love those. I have a semi-volunteer choir: the choir knows that it will be mandatory for them to volunteer on things from time to time. :/
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  • Hey there. Any chance I can have that sheet music for the webbe piece?
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    Here it is, for Kramer and all the forum world to peruse. (If it's violating any copyright, mea culpa; I expect forty lashes of the wet noodle from Jeff Quick.)