Organ Literature in programs
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    For those of you who print some sort of worship aid or program each week, do you refer to organ literature in its original language, or do you translate it into english (i.e. "Praeludium in C" vs. "Prelude in C")?
  • I have done it both ways, and either way is acceptable. Though I prefer original language, there are times when a translation might seem more appropriate for the congregation at hand. 'Praeludium' doesn't present much of a problem, but 'Alle menschen mussen Sturben', or even 'Verbum supernum prodiens nec Patris' might. Still, my usual urge is to the original and assume that people can figure it out if not read it. Or, vary as to ocassion - such as be very literary for a major feast, but not necessarily for all the Sundays in Ordinary Time. A recital program, on the other hand, should always be 'original'. If space permits in a Service Folder, it is also nice to put the English under the original for, say, a German or a Latin title. Also if the piece is based on a tune in your hymnal, you might add 'see hymn such and such'.
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    I give the original title and, if necessary, translate it or refer to the English tune-name. For example, if I play Pachelbel's Komm', Gott Schöpfer, Heil'ger Geist, I will also mention that it's the tune to Veni Creator Spiritus, which coincidentally we might be singing that day. As far as prelude vs. Præludium or similar, if it's pretty obvious what it means, I leave it in the original.
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    Always original with a translation. So too with Latin texts.
  • Ditto. Give as much information as possible. You never know what will be a positive 'hook' for someone and draw them closer to the music and thereby allow them to be more active and conscious listener-participants. I try to put BVW/opus numbers and dates of composition when possible. For choral music I usually put information about the source of the text. I've tried to attach my Holy Week booklet here: it's in printing format, which means zig-zagging down and then back up! (The pages are numbered.)
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    I went to your parish for the Palm Sunday mass.(11 Am) It was very beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful music (the choir and organ ... so wonderful!). I kept the booklet. Thank you for the thorough info on music, very valuable info for me. And God bless the priest who chanted the prayers. The prayers became so much clear and beautiful to hear. (I met the priest who chanted at the weekend chant workshop last year in VA with Scott.). After the Mass, I thanked him for the beautiful chanting. He was delighted and simply said they are trying. I envy you that you have chanting priests.
  • Oh, yes, that was Father Nick Zientarski. He's a priest of the Rockville Centre diocese in residence with us while doing a doctorate at CUA. He's an excellent singer and popular in the parish for all the right reasons. We were supposed to chant the Passion (with Father Nick as Christ), but I had laryngitis and didn't have anyone who could jump in as narrator.