Gathering Moths
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    So I was talking with a friend @hugh about a bunch of hymnals I had in my wardrobe which are gathering moths because sadly nobody wants a copy. (Curse the projector screen.)

    We had a small chuckle because "gathering moths" sounds rather like the title of a rather disliked hymnal in Australia and it was misinterpreted as a title of a hymnal. Haha!

    What hymns are in your opinion wrongfully "gathering moths" and stowed away because they are "old," simply "forgotten" or "not PC" enough for the masses?

    Let us make a hymnal called "Gathering Moths" and resurrect some great hymns which are rarely sung.
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    Hahaha! Splendid idea!!
  • Three tunes that are gathering moths in the US and are quite worthy of being brought out from mothdom are -
    This endris night
    Bryn Calfaria
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    Ach! ... Hymnary calls Bryn Calfariea by the name Bryn Calfaria 87. 87. 444. 87.

    Underused, to my mind:
    Gwalchmai 74. 74. D.
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  • Sorry, Chuck -
    'Bryn Calfariea' was a typo on my part.
    The correct spelling, as you have noted, is 'Bryn Calfaria'.

    It is tremendously wonderful paired with
    'Lord, Enthroned in Heav'nly Splendour, First Begotten from the Dead,' etc.
    The text, by G.H. Bourne, is eucharistic and is even more beautiful than the tune. Together they are splendid, exquisite.

    It is, of course, at no. 319 in The English Hymnal
    where the metre is given as 87. 87. 47 (though it's actually 87. 87. 444. 77).

    The only encounter I've had with it in a US hymnal was in a Lutheran hymnal supplement back in the 70s.

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    I could stand to hear more of Rustington.
  • KEDRON. Especially paired with the beautiful Easter text of Clement of Alexandria, which is one of the few nice things the 1982 Hymnal has over its predecessor

    1 Sunset to sunrise changes now,
    for God doth make his world anew;
    on the Redeemer's thorn-crowned brow
    the wonders of that dawn we view.

    2 E'en though the sun withholds its light,
    lo! a more heavenly lamp shines here,
    and from the cross on Calvary's height
    gleams of eternity appear.

    3 Here in o'er-whelming final strife
    the Lord of life hath victory,
    and sin is slain, and death brings life,
    and earth inherits heaven's key.
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    Gathering Moths...

    I see a graphic image of moths gathering around 'the light' because it is the last source they can find.
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    If that's a type of moth that likes to eat a certain specific song book.... let's root for the moth!
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    Ah boys. Hilarious.
    Indeed I'm rooting for these moths.

    Curious to know people. Are these Catholic hymns?
    Maybe in your gathering moths hymnal could you include.
    The "mothor" author text:
    The "mothic" music/tune:
    The "mother" mother church:

    Just for those who are drawn to the flame...

    Moth puns and sayings also welcome.

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    By the way, Jes, if you are a fan of older devotional hymns, forum user @oldhymns and I have set up a website with new recordings of many sentimental favorites:
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    @chonak you know me well!!!
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    I think Lord enthroned in heavenly splendor CALFARIA is in Worship III (GIA).
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    I am partial to, "Nature with open volume stands" - tune Eltham - from the Hymnal 1982.
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    Let thy blood in mercy flow (JESU MEINE ZUVERSICHT)
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    Jes, what hymnals do you have?
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    Great Hymns With Great Tunes That Are Gathering Moths:
    * Seelinbrautingham-- "Jesus, lead thou on"
    * Tysk- "God Himself is present"
    * Lux Prima - "One there is above all others"
    * Ridley - "Lord, with glowing heart"
    * Hendon (Malan) - "Ask ye what great thing I know"
    *Hayn - "Jesus makes my heart rejoice"
    *Lobt Gott Den Herren - "Sing praise to God, the highest good"

    Moth Worthy Tune Commonly Paired to Good Texts:
    *St. Bee's: "Sing, my soul, the wondrous love" and "Jesus, Name of wondrous love"

    Nice Tune Gathering Moths Because St. Dunstan's Is a Better Match Text:
    *Monk's Gate: "He who would valiant be"

    Ancient Hymn Gathering Moths That Should Be Matched With a Worthy Tune:
    "Shepherd of tender youth" (text attributed to Clement of Alexandra, 2nd century)

    Favorite Victorian Tune and Text That Should Be Saved From Moths:
    *Hermas:. "On our way rejoicing" (Absolutely must be played in key of A major!)
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    @Don9of11 I have a collection of Melbourne based hymnals called The Catholic Worship Book.
    It's now a rare edition rather sought after because it has a good mix of traditional and slightly less traditional hymns, responsorial psalms for years a, b and c, and mass settings as well as a bit of a companion at the back which suggests hymns pertaining to particular readings and an ideal hymn selection based on themes or even individual masses. It also guarantees that it is approved by the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
    It is not my favourite hymnal but is a good sight better than the more recent edition "Catholic Worship Book II" which has taken out the responsorial psalms and is bulkier and not really bound properly, the content is also not generally as good; at least the previous one included some of the more traditional material and didn't worry as much about being politically correct as this one does.

    That being said both hymnals are handy to have if you're Australian and Catholic so they are sought after.

    In terms of "gathering moths" the title is in part inspired by the connection to the "Gather book" or "Gather Australia" hymnal both of which are contemporaries which "Susan from the Parish Council" would highly approve of. It's a boomer hymnal full of what they thought would bring the young people in.

    This is where Gathering Moths I suppose differs.
    It will be mostly traditional but have the usefulness of the CWBs and possibly even an inspired layout. It will draw from the approved list from the archdiocese too.

    But yes I have over 600 copies of the Catholic Worship Book that no parish wants because they all turn me away with the statement "we have projector screens, we don't need these books, just chuck them out."
  • Jes,

    Is being approved by the Archdiocese of Melbourne something to be sought, as a jewel of great price, or something which is grudgingly borne, as Mass obligation in the Ordinary Form?
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    side note: I really do not like projector screens in churches... (giving a clue to my age now)... reminds me of "Sing along with Mitch" and "Follow the bouncing ball"
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    De musica sacra (1958):

    73. Usus machinarum pro imaginibus proiciendis, praesertim vero earum quas « cinematographicas » vocant, sive proiectiones « mutae » sint sive « sonorae » in ecclesiis, quacumque de causa quamvis pia, religiosa aut benefica, strictissime vetatur.

    73. The use of any kind of projector, and particularly movie projectors, with or without sound track, is strictly forbidden in church for any reason, even if it be for a pious, religious, or charitable cause.
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    Hermas in Ab (too bad I couldn't find Eb!):

    Two others CF mentioned: [I however would be sorely tempted to turn that meter into and sing through the pairs of 5s - at least my sense of arsis and thesis would be more satisfied by the energy of not lifting but moving through them] [likewise, the English is such that I'd be tempted to the meter of the last lines be felt as 666 rather than 3366 - it would matter in voice more than organ in this case]
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    @Chris Garton-Zavesky

    Sometimes I wonder myself...
    The approved list is actually thankfully vetted in a reasonable manner.
    It was a better list when His Eminence Cardinal Pell was our Archbishop no matter what people think of the man now he knows his hymns.