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    This new book may be of interest to those who are beginning a cappella singing or have excitement and a burning desire to perform their very first a cappella motet or anthem. It is listed among the new books in the current issue (May 2019) of The American Organsit. The book is -

    So You Want to Sing A Cappella:A Guide for Performers

    Author:Deke Sharon
    Pub.: Rowan & Littlefield, 2018
    ISBN 971538105870
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    Is it really April again already?
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    Alas, Richard -
    April has come and April has gone,
    And May is gone and June is come
    So thus the year's half won.

    I may have contributed this already, but...
    Many years ago, whilst I was at St Ambrose, we proudly 'accomplished' our first a cappella motet. After mass a lady approached us and gushingly said 'Oh I just loved ya'lls avacado anthem'.
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    I have to admit I at first thought The Hot Pitches might plausibly be in the early music game. So, did TAO have anything interesting to say about what looks more like a guide to genre music?

    Might have an organ-sit myself later tonight.
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    >> Oh I just loved ya'lls avacado anthem
    Evidence of keeping the tradition of a 3 hour fast.

    The singing of the "Asparagus", ditto