Arranger for vocal & choral music
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    Hello everyone,

    I am working on a program music for 2020 and I am looking for arrangers & orchestrators, while also considering potential co-composers.

    The music being mostly vocal and choral, I am mainly looking for people with experience in choir harmonization.

    The topics covered in the program:
    The seeking of light
    The confusion and well-being that such a quest can generate
    The diverse spiritual and mystical experiences that are experienced
    The benefits of these type of experiences: liberation, joy, lovingness, kindness, purity, perspective etc

    The majority of the pieces possess a mystical & spiritual tone that is commonmark of Sacred Music, I am therefor prioritarely looking for people who are sensitive to sacred/spiritual music, as well as to this type of project, for a more harmonious long-term collaboration

    Influences: Sacred and choral music by John Tavener, Preisner, as well as Pergolesi, Mozart, Vivaldi, Haendel and Bach

    Extracts can be provided

    Remuneration is per minute of music, the rate is to be determined depending on the scale of each music (there is more than three hours of music)

    Should you feel that this project could resonate with you, please send me at least one extract of a vocal/choral music arranged or composed.


  • chonakchonak
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    Would you like to provide an e-mail address for contact? That would make it easier for people who are not forum members to also respond. Thank you!
  • Montaveli
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    Indeed. Thank you for the suggestion

  • ronkrisman
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    Is this a program of Christian music? The write-up sounds New Age-y, instead of Christian.
  • Montaveli
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    The music sounds like Christian Sacred Music (with inspirations from Classical, Baroque, Romantic, and some 20th century sacred music), and it is not New Age-y in tone nor style
  • SponsaChristi
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    The music sounds like Christian Sacred Music (with inspirations from Classical, Baroque, Romantic, and some 20th century sacred music), and it is not New Age-y in tone nor style

    So what you’re trying not to say is that this is a Program of music that is New Age, it just doesn’t sound like New Age music, but rather has the style of Christian Sacred Music, but is not.
  • chonakchonak
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    Dear fellow users, I'm sure you wouldn't intend to put words in someone else's mouth; after all, it would be rude.

    Montaveli, people are apparently curious about the texts being sung. Are they traditional texts for Christian sacred music (that is, from Scripture and from the liturgy)? If some of the texts are from other sources or are new, who are the authors?
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  • Montaveli
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    The music is inspired by mysticsm and mystical theology, such as Christian mysticism and many other.

    It is not based on any text, as there won't be any lyrics. The voices are used just as if they were instruments, shall I say, in order to convey/express a message using the medium of music alone.
    A notorious example of such a "way" of musical expression is the musical project Era.

    It is my feeling that I could more accurately express some metaphysical concepts with the musical language than with any suite of words or phrases. It is also intended so the focus is put on the musical expressions rather than on the words, which I felt had a more limited ability to express some deep concepts.

    Because the musical inspirations is Christian Sacred Music (particularly those by Bach and Mozart), I felt it to be acceptable to seek musical assistance in this spiritual forum.

    I am not very familiar with new age music, I can only affirm that the music I seek collaborators for sounds and feels like a somewhat contemporary sacred classical music.

    Should any feel this topic to be innappropriate, please remove/close this post, and accept my apologies.
  • chonakchonak
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    Thanks for describing the project further; I think that'll help readers understand it better.
  • ghmus7
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    Thank you for your information...I am not clear about what you need an arranger for. You have written music that you would like help in arranging it for voices?
    I am a composer and arranger:
    You can check out my website

    Also, I have many scores on sheetmusicplus, you can search Gregory Hamilton.