Textbooks for advanced music theory
  • Neil
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    Can anyone suggest which is the best text book for advanced music theory (useful for grade 8tcl)
  • JMoellman
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    I used Aldwell & Schachter, 2nd edition, and loved it. No fluff, good examples. I'm not sure whether the new editions "broadened" its appeal or not... Much better than another that I used and taught from, IMHO.
  • ncicero
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    Tonal Harmony by Kostka and Payne is a pretty universal standard! Although my theory textbook was "The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis" by Clendenning and Marvin and it did a good job of integrating all aspects of theory as well as providing relevant examples.
  • Used Aldwell and Schachter as an undergraduate (in the 1980's). Didn't have complaints then. Took AP Music theory in high school, and still have that stuff somewhere, but not in front of me.
  • I second @ncicero on Kostka. This was what I used for my two years of undergraduate music theory. It's extremely thorough, beginning with scales, note types, and rhythms; following that, you study classical tonal harmony, compositional forms, and 19th century harmonic chromaticism. In addition, the text gives an introduction to Schoenberg's Twelve-Tone Rows, Messiaen's second mode, and the church modes. Workbook exercises are included to solidify every concept chapter by chapter.
  • Scott_WScott_W
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    On Kostka, I recall reading a review saying you can save a bundle of money by ordering an international version. Is that true and if so, where? Thanks.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    Second hand older editions are a quarter of the price of the current edition.
  • Neil
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    Any reviews on William Lovelock books?