Hymns for St. Augustine of Canterbury
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    In the Analecta Hymnica Vol. 51, pg 164 are 3 Hymns by Wolstan of Wincester 11th C. I am currently setting them to hymn melodies... but I am having trouble finding one for this? Any ideas?

    1. Summa Dei bonitas, cæli quae sæpta gubernas
    Quæque solum firmas, summa Dei bonitas,

    2. Laudibus eximiis da Augustinum resonemus,
    Quem pie sanxisti laudibus eximiis.

    3. Iure salutifero Romae qui nascitur arci,
    Nascimur et quo nos iure salutifero.

    4. Clarus in orbe viget; quod contulit ille, dicasti,
    Quoque polis renitet, clarus in orbe viget.

    5. Huius ob alloquium nobis miserere, precamur,
    Commoda quaeque para huius ob alloquium.

    6. Imperet ista dies, mundemur ut actibus imis,
    Deinde salutis opes imperet ista dies.

    7. Gloria magna patri, semper tibi gloria, nate,
    Cum sancto spiritu gloria magna patri.
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  • Difficult to find a melody -
    The metre is rather irregular, different, from stanza to stanza.

    Stanzas -
    1. 7867
    2. 7967
    3. 7867
    4. 7977
    5. 7977
    6. 7977
    7. 7967

    Do you have a translation?
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    I have not looked for a translation, but suspect that as with most hymns in the Analecta that there is not. I could ask a friend to translate, I usually use Google and then correct the errors using 'Lewis & Short'.

    Thanks for trying to find the metre, looking at the 7867... reminded me of the verses of Salve Festa Dies.
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    I would suggest going either 'long' or 'short' in seeking or crafting melodies for this hymn. 'Long' would entail a melody with metre 7977 and using two of the 9 available for the *8** when it occurs and two of the 7 available for the **6* when it occurs; thus, 7867 would require using two of the 9 and two of the 7 from 7977. 'Short' would entail using a melody with metre 7867 and doubling a note whenever necessary.
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    The other two hymns can be found here,


    N.B. I have not gained access to the original manuscript so have set the hymns to melodies of the same metre.