2019 Children's Chant Camp at Mater Dei, Harrisburg, PA - 6/24-28
  • Mater Dei Latin Mass Community will again host our annual Chant Camp for children and youth ages 7-18.

    Last summer more than 40 children attended Chant Camp, a weeklong day camp that immerses students in the world of Sacred Music while providing plenty of opportunity for good Catholic fellowship, sports, games, prayer, and lots of laughter. After a week of study and exercises, Chant Campers have a solid foundational knowledge of the purpose and importance of music in the liturgy and a heightened sense of the Good, True, and Beautiful. They also learn many practical skills such as reading chant and music notation, singing and blending in a choral setting, along with learning chants and hymns to sing for the Mass which concludes the camp.

    This summer’s camp runs from June 24-28 under the direction of Mater Dei Chaplain, Fr. Gregory Eichman F.S.S.P., and Music Director, Mr. Patrick Torsell. Other instructors include Fr. David Franco F.S.S.P., @cantus67 Mr. Rick Wheeler (Music Director at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Littleton, CO), and Dr. Richard Skirpan (Music Director at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Harrisburg).

    Chant campers will honor Our Lord at on Friday, 6/28, raising their voices in song for a 12 p.m. Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form on the Feast of the Sacred Heart at St. Lawrence Chapel in downtown Harrisburg. This beautiful Mass will be the culmination of the students’ efforts of the week.

    Online registration available at http://materdeipa.com/music/chant-camp-2019/

    St. Lawrence is located at 110 State Street, Harrisburg, PA. Learn more about Mater Dei’s Chant Camp and music program at http://MaterDeiPA.com/music

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