Easter Recordings to Share -- Haydn and Hassler
  • A chorister sneakily recorded the Latin Mass this past Sunday (thankfully without my knowledge, as microphones wreak havoc on my nerves)! I was secretly delighted he had, as it went very well. I wanted to share a couple of highlights from our Easter at St. Mary, Help of Christians, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

    I would love to hear your highlights from wherever you are!

    Cantate Domino, Hans Leo Haßler

    Benedictus, Missa Brevis S. Joannis de Deo, Franz Joseph Haydn

  • Nice!

    If I were to suggest one thing that could be refined it would be the vowel 'i' ('ee'), which really stands out like a sore thumb. Ee sounds, which nearly always are pronouncedly nasal, are less grating when they lean heavily towards an 'ih' sound, as in the word 'it'. It's that eee-ness which spoils everything.

    I like the energy of your choir!
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  • I very much appreciate that advice! In part, that is a case of infection by vaccine -- I've tried hard to inoculate them against Americanizing the "i" sound. Oops.
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    Grating could be a matter of taste: I much on the contrary was struck by the spreadness of the 'eh' compared to a German choir!
  • thanks for sharing this!
    The "i" did not grate on me; I was impressed with how hard you have worked on the "eh" instead of ayeee. Good job.

    How many in your choir? How do the voices assort, S A T Bar B ?
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  • Thanks for all the feedback!

    That was 15 out of a normal 18. That day, we had 5 soprani, 4 alti, 3 basses (really baritones), and 3 tenors. One of the tenors had to leave unexpectedly before the Benedictus, tho.
  • 3 more, all men, were away for the Easter weekend out of state.
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    I think your choir sounds wonderful! Well done.

    Their diction is marvellous and such a pleasant sound!