Wedding propers within the Ordinariate mass
  • HI,

    I am playing a wedding within the Ordinariate and it is also my first in um....several years. Anyone know where I might find the propers? I am really great and falling down rabbit holes, but am hoping to not in this instance.

    I realize it is Holy Week and everyone is buried in the beautiful music, but if you happen to have time to point me in a direction, I would be most appreciative. The wedding is in June and though it is during the week, it will be a Solemn High Mass.

    Also, any musical suggestions for pre-mass and a postlude that would be possible on a Roland-230 organ would also be helpful. I have no pedals to work with and only one manual. The upper register often sounds screechy to me, so when I read that the bride would like Canon in D (Pachelbel) I just kind of nodded and told her that I would see how it sounded. I suggested "See, the conqu'ring hero comes!" or Grand Choeur Dialogue by Eugéne Gigout but I need to give her a few more options.

    Thank you!

  • Are you looking for psalm-tone settings of the propers, or are you looking to use the full Gregorian melodies?

    There are two formularies for the Nuptial Mass in the Ordinariate missal:

    Introit: Deus in loco sancto
    Gradual: Timete Dominum
    Alleluia: Mittat vobis
    Tract (if in pre-Lent or Lent): Ecce sic benedicetur
    Offertory: In te speravi
    Communion: Beati mundo corde

    Introit: Deus Israel
    Gradual: Uxor tua
    Alleluia: Mittat vobis
    Tract (if in pre-Lent or Lent): Ecce sic benedicetur
    Offertory: In te speravi
    Communion: Ecce sic benedicitur
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  • Elizabeth Boydston -

    I have the nuptial propers in three forms, all in Old Church English -
    1) Gregorian, adapt. Palmer and Burgess
    2) Psalm Tone Version - as in the Anglican Use Gradual
    3) Anglican Chant Version - as arr. MJO

    I can send these to you by mail if you wish to send me your address.
    (I cannot send them by e-mail.)
  • THANK YOU. I just sent you my address. Please let me know if I can reimburse postage.
  • And thank you Joseph -- I appreciate this, very much!!!
  • M. Jackson, did you compose the setting for the Vidi Aquam in Anglican Chant that OLW does? It is beautiful, I found it on accident, but am teaching it to OLG's choir. It is GORGEOUS!
  • I did not compose that.
    It is an Anglican chant by T. Norris.
    We sing it at the cathedral.
    I don't know whether or how many
    of the parishes use it as opposed to the Palmer-Burgess version.
  • I really want to learn it. We can only sing it when I have everyone singing but I think they can learn it. I just miss singing Anglican Chant a lot and this is a perfect piece to work with.

    I sent you an email last week with my address, thanks again for offering to mail the nuptial stuff-- I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!

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  • Elizabeth -
    I posted the wedding propers to you several days ago, so you should be receiving them soon.

    Where have you heard the Ordinariate's music?
    Is there one of our parishes near you?
    The Norris chant used for the cathedral's Vidi aquam is my favourite -
    although picking a favourite Anglican chant is like choosing one's favourite candy or ice cream!
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  • Perfect! Thank you.

    I'm the organist/music director for Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, OCSP Covina Ca. My husband and I were received into the church, in 2012. Our first parish, Blessed John Henry Newman is in Irvine, CA. From there, we now have Holy Martyrs in Murietta, CA and we have a small parish in the San Diego Area. 4 in Southern California!!!

    You may know Father Andrew Bartus?

    I grew up in the Anglican/Episcopal church, and am super happy that we have the Ordinariate.
  • I don't know Fr Andrew Bartus.
    Should I?
    Tell me more - is he ordinariate?
  • He is the priest at Blessed John Henry Newman, in Irvine and he has planted our other 3 parishes. Here is a link to a highlight video of our High Solemn Mass @ the Serra Chapel back when Msgr. Steenson was our Ordinary.
    Father Bartus has been with us since the beginning of the Ordinariate in SoCal, he had been at a parish in Los Feliz, which is where I met him.

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  • and yes, Anglican Chant settings -- ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFUL. We created the chant in a way the choir can understand more easily. No one in the choir I lead is very familiar and they do way better if each verse is very clear. If that makes sense.
  • Thank you M.Jackson, received the propers today!
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