Trying to Find the Passion Narrative (Chant) in English
  • ACabezon
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    I once heard monks chant the passion narrative (one of the Gospels) in English.

    Would someone be able to direct me to an online source for it?

  • I have a draft of the St. Luke Passion for this year's Palm Sunday, and have posted a finalized version of the St. John Passion at my website; I've included the planctus ("weeping") tone in my versions.
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  • ACabezon
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    That's perfect, thank you. A beautifully formatted setting too. May I ask, what kind of software do musicians use these days for this type of project?

  • ClemensRomanusClemensRomanus
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    Jenny, if you did this in Gregorio, could you post the gabc? Thanks!
  • tomjaw
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    Many of us are using Gregorio (GABC), but some of us to have a greater control of the spacing are using Font based chant, I use Caeciliae, but other fonts are available.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Jenny Donelson (are you still here?) has a fascinating website that includes a start at a Gradual Romano en Español, but the St. John Passion is only findable via the deep link above, and substituting "Luke" didn't get a hit.

    I was very much hoping to find somewhere the planctus tone, missing from my CPDL Lasso St Luke.
  • Working on St. Luke for this year! I hope in a few days to have it.

    Resources page here. It links to St. John and St. Mark Passions. Also including these links below.
    St. John Passion here.
    St. Mark Passion here.
  • Jenny Donelson
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    St. Luke now available here!

    For a variety of (seemingly) insurmountable reasons, the + sign indicates the Christus part rather than the Maltese cross. I needed the flexibility in shaping the spacing afforded by the new Source and Summit editor, but couldn't get it to process any code for the Maltese cross instead. If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know and I'll get around to updating it to look more pleasant in that regard.
  • MatthewRoth
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    What did you use to enter it? I see that it accepts the Unicode entry (U+2720) without any trouble. Same with copying and pasting that character (from elsewhere in the score, from somewhere online…) but I'm not sure if that addresses (or causes) the spacing question at all.
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