Trying to Find the Passion Narrative (Chant) in English
  • ACabezon
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    I once heard monks chant the passion narrative (one of the Gospels) in English.

    Would someone be able to direct me to an online source for it?

  • I have a draft of the St. Luke Passion for this year's Palm Sunday, and have posted a finalized version of the St. John Passion at my website; I've included the planctus ("weeping") tone in my versions.
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  • ACabezon
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    That's perfect, thank you. A beautifully formatted setting too. May I ask, what kind of software do musicians use these days for this type of project?

  • Jenny, if you did this in Gregorio, could you post the gabc? Thanks!
  • tomjaw
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    Many of us are using Gregorio (GABC), but some of us to have a greater control of the spacing are using Font based chant, I use Caeciliae, but other fonts are available.