Spanish Propers at the Colloquium?!
  • I noticed that the Sacred Music Colloquium again this year is advertising that they will be using SPANISH PROPERS at one of the Masses. Does anyone know where these came from? Who composed/published them? I would LOVE to know and to purchase a copy! I SO wish I could attend the Colloquium to hear the propers and find out first-hand their source, but unfortunately I cannnot. If someone happens to be going this year, would you mind finding out for me? Thanks!
  • Hi Lauren,

    Several of us are working to provide more resources for Spanish propers. I have put the work I have compiled at my own website (free for download and use). Jenny Donelson also has done much work on her own version of propers in Spanish. Our work is all is square note notation, iirc.

    Also, Ignatius press has just this year started a Spanish version of the Pew Missal, called "Canta la Misa". Their version is all in modern notation.

    Slowly, but surely, more and more Spanish resources are becoming available.

    You can find my Spanish propers here: SPANISH PROPERS PROJECT

    Jenny's resources are available here: GRADUALE ROMANUM EN ESPANOL
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    Several of us

    Here is my contribution ..

    (yes free for download and use)

    Proper Texts taken from ..
    Graduale Romanum 1974
    Misal Romano 1975 CEPLCEM (Mexico)
    Misal Romano 2018 USCCB (Estados Unidos)
    Graduale Romanum 1974 2005
    Graduale Romanum 1974
    Misal Romano 1975 CEPLCEM (Mexico)
    Misal Romano 2018 USCCB (Estados Unidos)
    .. set to only three psalm tones (respectively, IN Tone 7, OF Tone 8, CO Tone 1)

    2016 October 1 project start
    2018 December 1 website building populating
    2019 June 30 project upload completion goal