Full 7-verses (1962) Vexilla Regis, using Agincourt
  • Self explanatory, except for the 1962 bit.

    I gathered this afternoon that the Vexilla Regis text was inexplicably changed between 1955 and 1962, and I haven't changed the text to work with the older version.
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    @Chris Garton-Zavesky

    We have 3 versions of the Vexilla Regis...
    Original version here, (8 verses plus 2 early additional verses) https://societyofstbede.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/vexilaregis.pdf

    The Hymn was shortened to form an Office Hymn, and of course the Processional Hymn on Good Friday. This Hymn was revised under Urban VIII, so we have a monastic version (unchanged) and a Roman version (revised). In Older books say the 1910 L.U. you will find the Monastic Version, in later books c.1924-1950 you will find the revised version and in 1962 versions you will find both the monastic and the revised.

    For the EF office you should use the revised version as found in the breviary, but for the procession you could use either as suggested in the 1962 Graduale.

    The unchanged form can be found here, after the older form of the Crux Fidelis, both permitted to be sung as part of the Liturgy.

    I suspect that the OF may have another version edited by Dom Lentini.
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  • This is very fine, Chris.
    I especially like your semiquaver motifs.
    They have an effect similar to that of mediaeval hocket.
    You really should publish some of your work!
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    Chris, great work here.