stipend for Easter Vigil
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    I am directing the music for the Triduum this year, which will be my first time. Besides my normal responsibilities I will also be doing some of the cantoring - I've been asked to sing the Exsultet among other things. This will involve Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday. I am paid weekly, but not very much due to lack of resources.

    Prep time, rehearsal time, and actual liturgical time taken for the Easter Vigil will be at least double that of a normal Sunday Mass. Is it typical to be paid accordingly - i.e. double?
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    I think it would be reasonable for you to be paid extra for the substantial extra work you'll do for the Triduum. I'm not sure you'll be successful, but it's clearly a much heavier work-week than is typical.
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    Yes, ask for more. It is only fair. Food isn't free; rent isn't free; you have to live.
    Good luck.
  • Unfortunately, since this wasn't covered when you accepted the position, this may come as a shock to those in charge. Step softly if you need the weekly income.
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    Thanks all - including MJO, I did see the comment before you removed it. It's nice to know about expectations outside of my situation. As for what will happen...we'll see.
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    In my previous position, the extra work around Christmas and Easter was mentioned beforehand as being treated within the concept of "average weekly work hours". Good luck, m_r_taylor, in your negotiation!

    MJO, your comment
    is especially useful!
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    My last job I was paid a stipend for each mass and rehearsal. Perhaps you could add for the extra masses and rehearsals?
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    For those who value the predictable income
    total of hours added up for the year / 24 semi-monthly payments
    for budgeting personal expenses .. remember that those hours are not
    likely to have arrived in your pay envelope until perhaps end of August.