Confirmation Litany of the Saints
  • donr
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    We will be doing the Litany of the Saints (English) for Entrance of the Confimandi this year.

    My question is, Do I do the full Litany that we do at Easter Vigil. It doesn't seem right to add the Christ, Have Mercy intro, or the other prayer after the Saints pray for us.

    What are your thoughts, do I just ask the saints to pray for us, or the whole thing?
    What parts do you sing or leave out?

  • ScottKChicago
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    I think that as far as possible, the Litany of the Saints should be done as a whole and not excerpted. It's a prayer form with its own integrity, and not a musical accompaniment to a liturgical action. I hasten to add that I don't think you're thinking of it as just a musical accompaniment (and that's why you're asking)...but that's what it might seem like if it's simply excerpted.
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  • We dont sing the litany for such a ceremony. I dont think it is part of the official ceremonial. Therefore, you use it as an hymn, and you may sing only part of it. That is what I would do.
    We usually sing "Veni creator" and different french cantiques (Im french !).
  • tomjaw
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    Do I do the full Litany that we do at Easter Vigil

    At least in the EF the full Litany of the Saints is not sung at the Easter Vigil, it is abbreviated and in the 62 split in half. The Full Litany of the Saints was used for the Rogations...
  • I wouldn’t cut the LHM/CHM beginning. This is the traditional way to start nearly all litanies. It is just part and parcel for this type of prayer. I’d do the whole thing, save the baptism bit.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    Saints Of God We Stand Before You
    Mark Friedman
    Janet Vogt
  • Singing for the intercession of the saints while ignoring the Lord for whom they lived and died seems ….. incongruous.
  • CharlesW
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    We sang the entire Litany of the Saints in English during the Vigil Baptismal Liturgy as we were supposed to.
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  • Donr,

    Was the purpose of this procession-litany to invoke the canonized saints on behalf of the being-confirmed, or to add the names of the soon-to-be-confirmed to the rolls of the already canonized?